When the Bluetooth headset blows the Chinese wind: Astrotec S80 Chinese fashion version

The current bluetooth headset pursues simplicity or even imitation in appearance, which results in serious appearance homogeneity of bluetooth headset.But this time I got to experience a very different type of earphone – the Astrotec S80.In terms of appearance, Astrotec S80 bluetooth earphone is still the classic appearance model of Astrotec, but it adds Chinese style design, so that the whole headset is full of Chinese style design language and style.The better looking Astrotec S80 has the same sound quality as the S80, so let’s take a look at this Chinese-inspired earphone.


The packaging of Astrotec S80 reflects the Chinese wind everywhere, two wings flying cranes and Ginkgo biloba with Chinese painting texture reflects the unique personality of Astrotec S80.I believe this kind of box will attract a lot of people’s attention.




The charging case of the Astrotec S80 is very beautiful.The two ginkgo leaves on the outside are in the form of embroidery with very ancient Chinese style.The top of the charging case is also made of gold metal, and the headphone case is emblazoned with the words “Astrotec”.



There are also four indicator lights on the headphone charging case to indicate the battery level.


The charging case has a USB-C charging port on the side, and the headphones actually come with a number of accessories including a charging cable and multiple pairs of earplugs.




The Astrotec S80 is a black design with gold decoration.The touch area of the earphone is the touch button, which is very convenient to use, but you should pay attention to the misoperation.




The headset itself is small and light.Although it is an in-ear design, it does not feel too much foreign body feeling when wearing, and you will not feel very tired after wearing for a long time.


Astrotec S80 is with PEK+PU composite diaphragm, this diaphragm is characterized by a strong sense of hierarchy and better analytical force, playing music will be clearer with the instrument, and the volume is more full, the thrust of the earphone is also very good.