Is the Nintendo Switch Pro gamepad worth buying?

If you use the Switch base mode, you must remove the Joycon and use it as a handle. If this happens occasionally, it’s okay, but if there is one operation a day on average, then I predict that within a year, the Joycon will definitely loosen and it won’t be saved. This kind of looseness usually causes frequent communication interruption between Joycon and the main body. This is a very serious problem. No one wants to see that the Joycon is lost while having fun.


The reason for this situation is mostly that the Joycon is often plugged and unplugged, which causes mechanical wear and weakens the bite force with the main body, resulting in poor contact between the golden fingers. At this time, you can only change a pair of Joycons. Rather than having to pay anyway, do you think it is better to buy a Switch Pro gamepad? And it also saves the trouble of plugging and unplugging every time you use the base-mode, and the feeling is better.


Because the Nintendo Switch PRO has a built-in lithium battery, it is lighter in weight than the Xbox one handle with a 5th battery, but it does not lose weight.



In 2021, HD vibration is no longer exclusive to the Nintendo Switch Pro gamepad, and the PS5 controller is even better in this regard. But if your requirements are not high, the HD vibration of the Nintendo Switch Pro gamepad is also sufficient. And HD vibration requires software-level adaptation, so in terms of the absolute number of software, the Nintendo Switch Pro gamepad supports more games. In the actual experience, it can also give quite rich feedbacks. 



This is probably the controller that I have used for the longest time. Under normal circumstances, it can be used for at least 35 hours.


The most important thing about the handle is the handle feeling. Except that the cross key is a bit hard on the Nintendo Switch Pro gamepad. I think the other key strengths are very suitable.



In short, the overall handle feeling is slightly better than the Xbox one handle.

There should be a lot of people who want to use PC to play games, so if you happen to have a Switch Pro controller, congratulations, you can rest assured to play PC games with it. Steam now supports the Switch Pro controller perfectly. Not only can you customize the buttons, but you can also use the gyroscope as a mouse.


There are several different limited editions, so if you don’t like the official original black color, you can consider other color schemes.