The iPhone SE Plus: A14 Bionic + Touch ID in Side button

The aaple_lab, a foreign digital blogger, has revealed the main hardware features of the iPhone SE Plus. The new iPhone will be powered by the latest A14 chip, which will add Touch ID in the side-button. The most impressive thing is the retail price that from $499. If it’s true, it would be the most cost-effective iPhone with the A14 chip.


With a 6.1-inch IPS display, LCD users can look forward to the iPhone SE Plus. It carries its own A14 chip. In the last two years, Apple has also started to use the cost performance strategy on iPhone. The best proof is that the iPhone SE2020 is equipped with an A13 chip.


It is equipped with a front 7-megapixel camera and a rear 12-megapixel single shot. This is not the same as the 12-megapixel front and 12-megapixel rear cameras on the current mainstream iPhone, which may be the main reason for the low price. With a rear camera of 12-megapixel, it still supports six portrait lighting effects, OIS optical stabilization, and intelligent HDR3. Other aspects: It still supports IP67 grade dust and water resistance, which is worth praising. It comes in three different colors: black, white, and red, which is in line with the iPhone SE2020.


The iPhone SE Plus uses the same Touch ID in the side button like the iPad Air4, which should be a concession from Apple. As for Face ID, I think there is a good chance of keeping it, but it would be the second generation of Face ID on the iPhone XR, not the latest Face ID.


Overall: The iPhone SE Plus is a variant of the iPhone XR that changes the core and adds Touch ID in the side button, but the price ratio is still its biggest advantage. If Face ID survives, the two-pack security system will be more portable.