Antivirus software for computers/laptops

Just as humans can be infected by viruses and become unhealthy, so can laptops experience the same thing. A normal running laptop may be infected with viruses and encounter some problems, such as running slowly, the storage media is always full, and certain data that cannot be opened eventually.

If it is true that the computer or laptop you are using does not contain important data and is not used for online financial transactions, then it is not a big problem if you are infected with a virus. Just reinstall the operating system and the laptop can restore health from the virus.

In fact, all antivirus software on the market has similar performance and can be used to protect your computer/laptop. The reason that may cause the anti-virus function to not work properly is the update function that may never be available. In this way, the antivirus you are using is still the old version, and causes new unknown viruses to enter the device you own.

However, if you are still not sure about the antivirus software you choose, you can use the following list of antivirus software as a reference

1. Norton Security


The first antivirus recommendation you can consider is Norton Security. In addition to protecting you from virus attacks, Norton Security also has many other security features. For example, other firewalls, privacy protection, parental monitoring functions, secure VPN and anti-phishing protection, etc.

2.McAfee Total Protection


The second antivirus software you can choose to protect the computer or laptop you are using is McAfee Total Protection. This antivirus software can protect your laptop from viruses, ransomware, spyware and malware attacks. Another function of the antivirus software is to detect whether the visited website is safe.

3.Kaspersky Anti-Virus


Many people believe that Kaspersky Anti-Virus is one of the best anti-virus software among several anti-virus software on the market today. An easy-to-use and light-weight display is a value in itself.

The reliability of the anti-virus software is a proactive defense function, which can analyze the programs installed on the laptop and the changes to the system registry to notify the threats that may cause the laptop to be affected.

4. Avast


The next antivirus software that is no less than the above one is Avast. The antivirus software is very user-friendly in many ways. The installation process of Avast is very short, and the display screen is also easy to use, so Avast also has a great demand for its users.

Avast has a virus threat detection function based on a specific level. You can adjust the level that best suits your needs. Not only that, but the use of avast is also very light.

5. Avira


Finally, the antivirus software that should not be underestimated is Avira Antivirus. The antivirus software has many complex security features, which are very useful when used correctly. For example, you can get the threat protection function, the password management function on the device, and the device optimization function from the Web, which can set the laptop you use to the best settings.

So, which antivirus software will you choose?