[Continuously update] CES 2022 Consumer Electronics Show unveiled

We have just stepped into 2022, and we have ushered in the industry’s annual event CES (Consumer Electronics Show)! Affected by the epidemic, we cannot go to Las Vegas, USA this year to touch the latest electronic products, and many companies have cancelled their exhibition plans, but we still have a lot of news for you to read, so that you can know this year What technology products are worth looking forward to.

On January 4th, Acer’s ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs naked eye 3D edition creation book stood out from more than 1,800 entries with its excellent 3D naked eye design experience and innovative solutions, and won the 2022 CES Innovation Award in the virtual and augmented reality category. This award not only demonstrates Acer’s deep technical strength in using cutting-edge technology to create innovative solutions, but also reflects its in-depth insight into user needs, and brings creators an excellent product experience that breaks through the limitations of planes. This may be the coolest scene of CES this year.

In the matter of new technology for electric vehicles, BMW is better at playing and pulling the wind than any other traditional car factory. At the 2022 CES exhibition that opened today, BMW’s new flagship electric car iX showed off its body color technology, which attracted countless eyeballs.

Today, Sony held a new TV product launch conference online. At the press conference, a number of new TV products for 2022 were announced. Among them, Z9K and X95K TVs will become Sony’s first batch of TVs using Mini-LED technology. So as to obtain better contrast, higher peak brightness, and can obtain better display uniformity, so that the LED screen can obtain a black level close to the OLED screen.