Vivo X60 Pro experience: it connects with Zeiss and Samsung, and it is really strong

I want to change to a new phone, but whether it’s offline viewing or online viewing, the price of more than 90% of the machines can be interchanged without the logo content. What Snapdragon chip, UFS3.1, 90Hz screen, super-sensitive lens After a wave of observation, homogenization with no personality is difficult to attract. And I am willing to start the Vivo X60 Pro, first of all, because of its three major differences: the chip is made with Samsung, the lens is made with Zeiss, and OriginOS does not hit the face. Of course, different things are not necessarily good, so is the differentiated Vivo X60 Pro good? Those who are interested may wish to take a look at my experience sharing.


In terms of appearance and appearance craftsmanship, Vivo is professional. Whether you are a Vivo fan or not, you don’t feel bad about picking up your phone and admitting that it looks good. What I bought is the original color, and it is also the lowest-key color. Looking at the pictures on the Internet, I thought it was black, but in fact, it was a bit like the dark gray before the sky was completely dark, but it was not pure. From different angles, it looked like the moonlight moved with the shadow of clouds and the light changed. Therefore, such a low-key color scheme is not business indifferent, on the contrary, it is fashionable. Coupled with the frosting process of AG glass, there is also a metallic texture in the look and feel.


Although the 6.56-inch screen is a hyperboloid design, the curvature is not as high as the waterfall screen, and the arc is very good. After these days of experience, the chance of false touch is not high. The narrow bezel and single hole make the screen-to-body ratio reach 92.7%. The ratio of 19.8:9 will make the body slim and it will be much more friendly to users with small hands.


Speaking of screens, there is still a topic that cannot be avoided: “Is the perception of high refresh rate screens strong?” Personally think: if you have any questions, you should go to the offline store to experience it. It is best to compare it with your 60Hz screen. Or if you look at how silky and smooth the 120Hz screen of X60 Pro is, it seems that you can’t stop the car quickly. You must think it’s bragging.


Besides, the skinny figure of the Vivo X60 Pro has to be said. The thickness of 7.59mm and the weight of 178g make me feel a little weightless when I have used the iPhone “half catty” for a year. The arrangement of the side buttons and openings has not changed much. The words “PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY” are printed on the top. To be honest, this looks foreign, but it is not intuitive for domestic users. It may be more familiar to have a simple and understandable Chinese slogan. One more thing, I hope that Jovi’s physical AI keys can return, and they can be used to quickly identify images, search questions, and translate AR.




In terms of accessories, Lanchang has always been conscientious, let’s not engage in any environmentally friendly gimmicks. We should bring all the stickers, protective cases, charging heads, and data cables. Including the headphones that many manufacturers have already cancelled, because the body does not have a 3.5mm socket, the socket of the headphones is replaced with Type-C, and it can be used directly without an adapter.



Next, let’s look at the first difference from other mobile phones: the chip. It is not the first time that Vivo and Samsung have cooperated on chips. The previous generation was Exynos980. If the Exynos980 with a running score of more than 30W is still a sub-flagship, then the Exynos 1080 with a running score of more than 60W must be given a flagship title.

Vivo X60 Pro is also equipped with a memory fusion technology, which can call 3G memory space, and the effect of 12GB physical storage to reach 15GB storage, it seems that this is an exclusive technology. My understanding should be the same as the virtual memory on the PC. I don’t know if it’s right. As for the effect, it is really fast, especially with process optimization technology and pre-loading processing.


Nowadays, many people on the Internet are discussing “the collective failure of the 5nm chip”. I have also seen a Snapdragon 888 mobile phone playing for half an hour because it is too hot to use the camera. So how is the fever of Vivo X60 Pro? After playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Honor of Kings for two hours, the measured body temperature is as shown in the figure, the highest is about 38℃, the position is in the upper right corner of the body, the lowest is about 34℃, and then the test takes pictures and videos, and it is normal. When talking about the process, we have to consider a little bit. Apple’s A14 chip is an external baseband, Qualcomm 888 is the first integrated baseband of the 8 series, and it seems that it has not been very good at heat optimization. Exynos1080 is the same as Kirin 9000, 5G Soc has been polished for a generation, and it will be richer in optimization experience.


It is said that performance is definitely inseparable from the game. In fact, I don’t want to put some software monitoring pictures too much, because the subjective experience of software monitoring is actually quite obvious. However, it is very intuitive to talk about experience without data, so it is better to add some data.

Under the conditions of high image quality, high resolution, and high image quality in “Honor of Kings”, the average frame rate of the game is 60FPS, the number of stalls in 10 minutes is 0, and the CPU usage rate is 18%.



While watching the press conference, I thought of a word: “Alliance”. This was an important strategy during the Warring States Period, and the joint force was strong. In terms of chips and screens, vivo’s choice of Samsung is undoubtedly a strong player in the supply chain, so in terms of photography, vivo chose Zeiss this time. Friends who are familiar with mobile phones know that it is after the cooperation with Leica that Friends of the Traders ranks among the top in the industry. So just like many people on the Internet ask: who is better than Leica or Zeiss? I personally feel that there is no absolutely correct answer. This is like Canon and Nikon. I can only say which style I prefer, no one is higher or lower. Personally, from the Nokia era, Zeiss feels closer.


The lens configuration of vivo X60 Pro is like this: 48 million pixel second-generation micro-pan head main camera + 13 million pixel ultra-wide angle + 8 million pixel 5x periscope lens + 13 million pixel 2x portrait lens combination, support up to 60 Multiplying digital zoom, telephoto, macro, portrait, ultra-wide angle, all live together, it can be said that it covers the full-scene photography needs of ordinary users.

Not much to say, just take a look at the samples taken at hand, the original image is only compressed in size, no post-production.



In the next steps, let’s take a look at the charging and battery life of the Vivo X60 Pro. Vivo X60 Pro supports 33W flash charging, which is not radical in the current mid-to-high-end models, but it is by no means behind. Someone asked why not use iQOO 7’s 125W super flash charge? Looking at some century-old giants, you can understand that the areas where each branch exerts its strength are different, and they can neither fight inwardly, but also support each other. According to the actual measurement, the Vivo X60 Pro takes about 63 minutes to fully charge the 4200mAh battery from zero power, and it can charge more than 50% of the power in the first 30 minutes, which is enough to satisfy most users.


The charging time of Vivo x60 pro


Personally, the first impression is very important if a mobile phone is good. The first impression also includes the first impression of each module. If one aspect of the experience makes people uncomfortable, it will affect the favorability of the entire phone. Although part of the configuration of the Vivo X60 Pro is not top-notch, it is still above the excellent line, and the image, system, and performance have exceeded personal expectations. It can make me feel exactly that I have changed my phone and am willing to play instead of the usual There is not much interest in homogenization. I sincerely suggest that mobile phone manufacturers spend more time thinking about their products instead of repeating themselves or even others.

Advantages: 1, Zeiss certification, outstanding images, comprehensive coverage of scenes. 2. The system UI is unique, convenient for interaction, and high fluency. 3,120Hz screen display effect is good, fast response. 4. Samsung Exynos1080 has good performance and good heat control.

Disadvantages: 1. The details of the new system still need to be refined. 2. Charging is quite satisfactory, not matched with its own higher power flash charging.