New patents of the Apple Glass have been exposed

On February 5, the US technology news website AppleInsider reported the latest public patent on Apple Glass. According to the patent, Apple Glass can monitor the user’s attention and provide suggestions when the user is tired. 


According to reports, Apple has applied for a patent called “Using brightness changes to determine user characteristics.” This patent can change the content displayed on the eyes in real-time according to the user’s interest and physiological characteristics. For example, Apple Glass may have a built-in pupil monitoring system, which can change the display brightness of Apple Glass by zooming of the pupils, thereby enhancing the user experience.


In the patent, Apple said: When users focus on viewing Apple Glass, increasing the brightness of the content will delay user fatigue, thereby prolonging the time spent on working and studying. When it detects that user fatigue is not suitable for work and study, Apple Glass will prompt the user to take a break and even change what the user sees. In this way, Apple Glass can not only improve the user’s productivity but also give reasonable suggestions and tests on the user’s physical health.


The name of the second new patent application that was exposed was: electronic equipment with an internal light reflection suppression display. Its main purpose is to reduce the reflected light from Apple Glass and minimize the discomfort of wearing Apple Glass. The users not only need to use the Apple Glass’ screen normally but also need to use this transparent lens for daily life and study. How to allow users to easily take care of these two functions is the main purpose of this patent.




Regarding the reason for the delay in the release and sale of Apple Glass, the answer given by foreign media is: Apple Glass must be worn comfortably for a long time. This means a good thing: the battery life of Apple Glass should be able to meet the light demand for a day, and who would wear this thing when there is no battery. The products officially released by Apple have a high degree of completion and user experience, which is one of the main reasons why everyone is full of expectations.


For Apple Glass, my idea is that every time Apple enters a new field, it will bring brand new revolutions and trends. For example, the iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods, which are the main reasons why everyone is so concerned about Apple’s new products. What are your expectations and ideas for the upcoming Apple Glass?