Apart from the Huawei P50 series, a lot of new Huawei smart products are released!

At the press conference, Huawei also released two new smart screen V-series products—Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super and Huawei Smart Screen V98.

Among them, the Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super equipped with Honghu SuperMiniLED precision matrix backlight solution and 20-unit Dewari Cinema sound field is priced at 24,999 yuan.

The Huawei Smart Screen V98 with a 98-inch giant screen size is Huawei’s largest Hongmeng TV so far, priced at 29,999 yuan, and the two products will be available for pre-sale at 22:08 on July 29, 2021.

On August 12, 2021, Huawei’s smart screen V75 Super will be fully launched online and offline channels, and Huawei’s smart screen V98 will be fully launched through online channels and Huawei experience stores.

Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super and V98


The second appearance at the press conference are two new smart screens, the 75-inch flagship new product V75 Super and the 98-inch smart screen V98, the largest so far.

At present, Huawei Smart Screen has launched three series of X, V, and S, which are positioned as top technology, cinema audio and video, and young trend respectively.

Huawei Smart Screen V 75 Super, as the Super version of the second-generation V series, is a brand-new product with “more than wisdom”.

It is equipped with HarmonyOS 2, which has a rich smart experience, and has a Super appearance that is different from the V series standard version, Super image quality blessed by Huawei Honghu SuperMiniLED, and Super sound quality of a 20-unit audio system jointly designed with Deware.

Huawei Smart Screen V 75 Super is equipped with a 75-inch screen, a narrow and full screen on all sides, an integrated middle frame, elegant rounded corners, and seamless connection between the sides and the back. The screen is completely covered, with high appearance and high strength.

The bottom edge is integrated with the screen using a stainless steel patch (0.15mm) as thin as a cicada wing. The ice blade base is made of high-end zinc alloy, strong and light.


The backlight has 2880 physical partitions, combined with the Clear Light Control PRO+ technology, can bring up to tens of millions of high contrast, and supports up to 3000nit HDR peak brightness, presenting vivid and bright details, and more truly restore natural colors.

At the same time, Huawei applied “Zero” OD technology to the smart screen V 75 Super for the first time.

This technology is all developed by Huawei, including CSP light mixing structure technology, self-developed optical film solution, self-developed system-level Demura calibration solution, and complete end-to-end “zero” OD solution.

Compared with traditional solutions, it achieves better partition control fineness and picture contrast, as well as better backlight uniformity.

Traditional HDR content starts at 1000nit. The Huawei Smart Screen V 75 Super can reach an ultra-high HDR peak brightness of 3000nit, which can restore HDR content more realistically and achieve a display effect closer to the real world.

The increase in brightness makes the colors more beautiful and moving, and restores the true perception of nature.

In terms of systems, Huawei’s two new smart screen products are equipped with HarmonyOS. In terms of price, the V75 Super is priced at CNY 24999, while the V98 is priced at CNY 29999.

The new generation of Huawei Sound X smart speakers


This new generation of products uses a new transparent shell design, and uses a three-way audio system inside, giving people a refreshing feeling.

The first is the design part. The new generation of Sound X uses a transparent shell. Yu Chengdong said that its design refers to the design of a “tube amplifier”, and has a new ring-shaped light strip inside, which can display different colors with music playback.

The new generation of Sound X continues to be jointly built by Huawei and Deware. The biggest difference from the previous generation is the use of a three-way audio system.

Equipped with 4 5W midrange speakers, 1 50W subwoofer, 1 3W tweeter, 1 pair of passive radiators, a total of 8 unit assembly speaker systems, which completely separate the low, medium and high frequencies.

The mid and high frequencies of the previous generation Sound X are combined.

In addition, Devalet’s unique SAM low-frequency enhancement algorithm and Push-Push symmetrical structure design are retained in the new generation of Huawei Sound X, which makes this product have high-fidelity and smooth noise-free characteristics on the audio system .

In terms of systems, the new generation of Sound X has become the first smart speaker on the market equipped with the HarmonyOS system, which can automatically build a stereo system, super terminal and other functions.

In terms of price, the new generation of Sound X is priced at CNY2199.

Huawei elf learning smart screen

As Huawei’s first children’s education product, Huawei’s elf learning smart screen is equipped with a 10.4-inch screen, and has obtained the German Rheinland low blue light and no flicker certification, which cares for children’s eyes, 16-fold health care, and helps children develop good learning habits.

At the same time, this product is also equipped with 13 million intelligent lifting AI eyes, which can accurately identify teaching materials, picture books, and intelligent images, which can realize interesting and interactive reading, search for words, and analyze it at a single point.

In terms of functions, the Huawei elf learning smart screen supports innovative remote tutoring functions. The dual-camera lens is activated at the same time, and you can look at the questions and people all the way. It supports two-way annotations and whiteboard fine lectures.

At the same time, it also cooperates with the Chinese and English voice interaction system created by the Key Laboratory of Child Development and Learning Science of the Ministry of Education of Southeast University, and an authoritative knowledge base that conforms to the educational syllabus, providing professional and rich educational resources.

Huawei elf learning smart screen is available in 64GB and 128GB configurations, and the prices are CNY2699 and CNY2999 respectively.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro and Huawei Band 6 Pro


In terms of wearable devices, this time Huawei brought two products, namely Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro and Huawei Band 6 Pro.

The former supports 9-fold AI positioning, which can achieve accurate recording of all-weather footprints and protect children’s travel safety at all times; the blessing of 5 million pixels and 4G full Netcom makes all-scene communication and companionship become daily.

Built-in ambient light and ultraviolet sensors can encourage children to do outdoor sports by recording the duration of light.

At the same time, this children’s watch adopts a 5ATM waterproof device, supports 50-meter water resistance, and can support daily swimming pools or shallow water activities such as the seashore. It has a new swimming training mode, automatically recognizes swimming styles, and records swimming data.

At the same time, Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro also supports a variety of sports such as rope skipping and sit-ups to help parents guide their children to exercise better.

Another HUAWEI Band 6 Pro adds an all-weather skin temperature measurement and body temperature estimation to provide a basis for health assessment.

Support all-weather blood oxygen monitoring, support the heart health research and sleep apnea research of 301 Hospital’s in-depth cooperation, and provide users with professional health management.

In addition, it also has 96 modes such as skipping rope and running, walking, and riding, covering daily sports scenes.

In terms of price, the Huawei Children’s Watch 4 Pro is priced at CNY998, while the Huawei Band 6 Pro is priced at CNY449.

Upgraded MatePad Pro tablet


This time, Huawei MatePad Pro tablet computer brings a 12.6-inch 512GB large-capacity version, and provides two versions of WLAN and 5G full Netcom.

The new version is a summer Populus euphratica material suit. The suit also includes the second-generation HUAWEI M-Pencil and an exclusive smart magnetic keyboard. The price starts at CNY7699.

Huawei FreeBuds 4 Red Edition


There is also a new wireless headset that is worthy of attention, and that is the Huawei FreeBuds 4 red version.

This wireless headset previously provided two colors of ceramic white and frosty silver, and the newly added honey red has been upgraded in the charging compartment and the main body of the headset in addition to the color change.

The charging compartment uses a more high-end, more textured matte treatment process; and on the main body of the earphone, the surface of the red version is treated with a bright surface, which makes the gloss more gorgeous during the wearing process.

Huawei FreeBuds 4 red version is priced at CNY999.