Apple has introduced a new color for the iPhone 13, and there is also a brass color after rose pink!

A few days ago, a well-known whistleblower brought us the appearance rendering of the final version of the iPhone 13 basic version (probably a mass production version), which claims to be the final plan that Apple has finalized.

According to the renderings, the biggest change on the front of the iPhone 13 is undoubtedly the top, except that the internal structural light components have been optimized for 4 years to reduce the size and arrange more compactly.

It is said that Apple has also adopted a new “hidden” handset solution, moving the handset to the top of the screen to make more room for the Face ID component.

However, the overall design of the iPhone 12 series is still inherited. The middle frame of the fuselage is still set at a right angle, and it is difficult to distinguish them immediately in appearance.

It is understood that iPhone 13 will add more body colors to choose from, including Rose Pink, and “brass color” as in this rendering.

The rear of the fuselage is still a rectangular lens module in the upper left corner, with three built-in lenses. The lenses are arranged diagonally from vertical to diagonal. The specifications and images will be significantly upgraded.

Including a larger aperture, more lens groups, larger size CMOS, etc., of course, the cost will be higher.