Following the iPhone 12: 2021 MacBook Pro will enable a flat right-angle design

According to the latest news, the 2021 MacBook Pro model will be released in the second quarter of this year and will have an appearance design similar to that of the iPhone 12. It was previously mentioned that Apple plans to launch two 14.1-inch/16-inch MacBook Pro models this year, canceling the curve design of the previous MacBook Pro shell, and adopting a flat right-angle solution similar to the iPhone 12 series.


It’s also reported that Apple will equip the new MacBook Pro with a brand new MagSafe magnetic interface. This time, Magsafe will bring a faster charging speed than before. It is worth noting that there are currently many rumors that Apple will cancel the Touch Bar in the keyboard area.


There is also news that the new MacBook Pro will use a Mini LED display, which is more sophisticated than ordinary LCD screens in light control technology and can bring better quality, including darker blacks, brighter brightness, richer colors and, a higher contrast ratio that helps professionals to display color demand. According to the latest research report, the new MacBook Pro will use the same heat pipe design as the old 16-inch model, and its heat dissipation efficiency is significantly better than the current 13-inch MacBook Pro.