KEF Mu3 wireless earphones: The continuation of the legendary design

Each brand has its own legend, and KEF’s one has to start in 2007.

That year, the first collaboration between KEF and well-known industrial designer Ross Lovegrove was officially unveiled. It was a pair of flagship floor-standing speakers with exaggerated shapes, modeled as MUON. MUON’s cabinet design is very sci-fi. The one-piece aluminum alloy shell, mirror-polished surface treatment, and complex and smooth curved surface shapes make the emergence of MUON undoubtedly an eye-catching work among many speaker products. The work that perfectly blends Hi-End speakers with art design has become a highlight in the history of the KEF brand.

Speaking of Ross Lovegrove, this British industrial designer is known as one of the most imaginative contemporary designers. He has also designed products for well-known companies such as Apple, Sony, LV, and AirBus. Most of the works present natural beauty and the future feel of science and technology.

The time has come to 2021, KEF’s Ross Lovegrove series adds another member, which is a wireless earphone product, model Mu3.


When you open the charging compartment, you see the main body of Mu3, which uses a “bean-like” cavity design. The style of the cavity shell is consistent with that of the charging compartment. The size is not too large. The official data is 24.5mm. x 17.5mm x 26.3mm, it can be worn on the ears more comfortably, and there is a physical button on the left and right cavities, corresponding to different functional operations.


KEF Mu3 is equipped with the standard feature of today’s high-end true wireless earphones-active noise reduction. Mu3’s active noise reduction has three modes: noise reduction on, noise reduction off, and transparency, which can be switched in cycles by clicking the button on the left earphone.

Although it has the function, the active noise reduction effect of Mu3 is not ideal, at least it is significantly different from Bose QC Earbuds, AirPods Pro, and WF-1000XM3. It does not completely eliminate low-frequency noise.

There is another point that I think is a pity, that is, Mu3 does not support wireless charging. But in terms of battery life, the single Mu3 can maintain 9 hours of music playback time (noise reduction is on), the charging compartment can provide an additional 15 hours of battery life, so that the overall battery life of Mu3 is 24 hours, and it also supports 5 minutes fast charging, which can quickly provide users with 1 hour of playback time.

Mu3’s sound unit uses an 8.2mm dynamic unit, and only supports SBC and AAC in the Bluetooth encoding format.