3 recommended mobile phones worth buying in the New Year

Our pursuit of electronic products has become increasingly intense, and we often consider all aspects of the configuration when buying to see whether it meets our needs. However, many users only look at the appearance of the mobile phone and do not have the slightest understanding of the various configurations, let alone which mobile phone is worth buying. Recently, many friends around me have trouble in this regard, so I recommend three mobile phones that are worth buying. Basically, they will not regret the purchase.

Realme V15


Realme V15 is a recently released phone. The front of the phone uses an AMOLED screen but does not support a high refresh rate. Because users who choose mobile phones at this price generally do not have high requirements for the gaming experience, they do not have high requirements. The low refresh rate is also acceptable. The back of the phone continues the dazzling color matching.


In terms of shooting, the machine uses 6400w three shots, with superior night shooting effects, and a rich night scene filter. The front uses a 1600w single camera, which also supports the super night scene function. Realme V15 is equipped with a Dimensity 800U processor in terms of hardware, which is very suitable for low-end mobile phones. After testing, the score reached 34w, which can fully satisfy users’ expectations for cheap phones. In addition, the Realme V15 is equipped with a 4300 mAh battery, which supports 65w fast charging. It only takes about 40 minutes to fully charge, which is considered to be very fast.

Advantages: equipped with 65w fast charge, support selfie night scene mode

Disadvantages: no zoom camera, no high refresh rate

Honor Play4T Pro


The price of some Honor phones is relatively low, but there are actually some cost-effective models. The Honor Play4T Pro is a classic example. This machine is also a phone with an AMOLED screen and a pixel density of 418PPi. The excellent material can give users a more convenient experience, and it is less prone to obsolescence. After getting started, you will find that the Honor Play4T Pro is really very thin, only 165g.


The back of the phone uses three shots of 4800w high-sensitivity night shootings. The 1/2-inch large sensor helps night scene shooting, breaking the limit of brightness. In terms of hardware, the Honor Play4T Pro is equipped with the Kirin 810 processor. This chip does not actually have a great advantage in performance, and it can be satisfied for daily use. Such a thin body, the battery capacity is certainly not very large, so the machine built-in 4000 mAh battery is also reasonable, but the 22.5w charging power seems a bit weak.

Advantages: the whole machine is only 165g and cost-effective

Disadvantages: the back cover and middle frame are made of plastic material, and the charging speed is a little bit slow



The iQOO U3 is a cost-effective mobile phone. The screen is obviously different from the previous two. Instead, it uses a relatively inexpensive LCD screen. Although the material is low in cost, it supports a 90Hz high refresh rate, which makes the phone very sensitive. Since the main advantage of this machine lies in performance, there is not too much optimization of the camera. The back uses a 4800w dual camera. Compared with some mobile phones, its shooting effect is more common.


The iQOO U3 is equipped with a Dimensity 800U processor like Realme V15 and has a five-fold three-dimensional heat dissipation system. The core temperature can be reduced by about 10°C, which makes it stable during gaming. The outstanding thing about iQOO U3 lies in the battery. The 5000 mAh super-capacity battery can provide long-lasting battery life, but the fast charge that only supports 18w is a bit too weak.

Advantages: 90Hz refresh rate, nice gaming experience 

Disadvantages: the charging speed is a bit slow and the camera experience is slightly worse

These three low-priced but highly recommended mobile phones are very suitable for practical parties. It is a good choice to buy one on the occasion of the New Year.