Here is everything we know about Apple’s VR headset-Let’s check it out

Recently, some rumors about Apple working on a top-secret headset project have reached a fever pitch. But at the same time, the chatter has become increasingly convoluted — Apple is reportedly planning to use mixed reality (MR) rather than solely augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), but how exactly will that work? What will the device look like? 

As for the price and release date

Lots of outlets and reporters suggested launch time frames for Apple’s mixed-reality headset, but a consensus has formed around one date: 2022. The details are scarce when it comes to the exact release month, but the fact that so many people with different sources have come to the same conclusion suggests it could be a good bet.

it will cost $3,000. That would put it in the company of Microsoft’s $3,500 HoloLens 2, but with a price that high, it would likely be restricted to industry use. That seems a little out of character for Apple.


Special features

Apple is developing a special operating system dubbed rOS (realityOS?) that will drive the headset. Apps and games will need to run on this system, but we are hoping that, due to the common Apple Silicon architecture in both the headset and Apple’s other devices, some degree of cross-compatibility will be available.

It may adopt straps that look awfully like those on the Apple Watch Band. It is not the first time we have seen one Apple device take design ideas from another — the AirPods headphones borrow the HomePod Mini’s fabric mesh and the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown, for instance.

Apple is said to be gunning for high-quality visuals in other ways, with Kuo claiming that the headset might come with iris recognition based on the tech his sources tell him is in the device.