Image flagship! iPhone 13 Pro protective cover exposure: huge lens module

It is getting closer and closer to the appearance of Apple’s new generation of iPhone. Earlier, there was news that the 2021 iPhone has entered a stocking state and will be named iPhone 13.

As the release time approaches, the news about the iPhone 13 has gradually increased.

Today, a digital blogger posted a set of photos claiming to be a protective case for the iPhone 13 Pro.


It can be seen from the picture that after comparing the iPhone 12 Pro, it can be seen that the rear lens module of the new iPhone is much larger than the former. This should mean an increase in the aperture, an increase in the lens group, an increase in pixels, etc., maybe the new iPhone’s imaging capabilities have been greatly improved.

It is understood that this year’s iPhone 13 series still offers four devices, including iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and, iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In addition, according to the news, the iPhone 13 series will also usher in new changes in appearance. All series are equipped with smaller notch screens. This is the first time Apple has changed its front appearance in four years.

It should be noted that this time with a smaller notch screen, it may because of the huge lens module on the back of the fuselage, then it has to be upgraded.

It is worth mentioning that news from the supply chain said that this year’s iPhone 13 series mobile phone foundry landscape has changed drastically. Luxshare has not only entered the OEM market for the first time but also won 40% of the iPhone 13 Pro mobile phone orders. The other 60% is Foxconn foundry.