Honoring Pride Month! Apple Watch launches rainbow straps to support LGBTQ groups

During the pandemic and ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, brands are navigating how to address both causes without distracting from messaging around widespread calls for social reform in America. With the arrival of Pride, observed every June, some brands have launched campaigns and products in celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride, which black transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson and Latina transgender activist Sylvia Rivera helped catalyze.

As we all know, Apple has always been devoting itself in to meaningful social activities.

Apple has always stated that it supports diversity, and since 2016, it has launched colorful straps and dials representing the LGBTQ+ ethnic group for Apple Watch.

In 2021, Apple also launched the new Pride Edition/Rainbow Edition Woven Single Loop Strap and Rainbow Edition Nike Loop Sports Strap.

Among the woven single-loop bracelets, Apple also deliberately added black and brown lines on top of the colorful, representing support for blacks and Latin Americans.

With the new watch strap, naturally there is also a watch face. Apple will push the new 2021 Pride watch face to Apple Watch for free through system updates.