Breaking news! Apple’s homeOS system may appear at the WWDC2021 this week

According to the latest reports from the media, Apple is suspected to launch an operating system called homeOS, which may appear at the WWDC2021 held on June 7-11.

It is reported that a developer found that Apple mentioned the homeOS operating system in one of Apple’s latest recruitment positions, which is aimed at recruiting senior iOS engineers of Apple Music.

The media believe that this may be Apple’s determination to rebrand its current smart home software. But it may also be a brand new operating system. In view of the fact that such unintentional disclosures within Apple are very rare before, this indicates that Apple is very likely to be preparing to announce homeOS at the WWDC next week.

In fact, early this year, some media believed that Apple still lacks a direction that can be called a unified strategy for the smart home market. At present, it seems that homeOS is very likely to be a software designed to lead a more concentrated smart home strategy. Perhaps Apple can use this to unify HomePod’s audioOS and Apple TV’s tvOS.

According to the latest news, Apple has deleted the word homeOS in this post and switched to tvOS and HomePod instead.