Apple’s spring conference will be held in March

Recently, there is news that Apple will hold a new product launch conference in the spring on March 16. Although there was news later that it will not hold a new product launch conference in the spring on the 16th, according to the rhythm of previous years, the new product launch conference of Apple should be held on March.

In 2020, Apple held a spring new product launch conference on March 18, and announced the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and other products. This year, the new iPad Pro, iPad Mini, AirTags, AirPods and other new products are expected to be released in Apple’s spring conference. Aside from the specific time of Apple’s spring conference, let’s take a look at the exposure information of these products together.

iPad Pro 2021

The previous generation of iPad Pro was released in March last year. The previous generation of iPad Pro uses a brand new A12Z chip, including lidar, ultra-wide-angle lens and so on. According to recent news, the new generation of iPad Pro will have a substantial upgrade

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Judging from the information currently exposed, the new generation of iPad Pro will also have 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions. The overall appearance design has not changed much, and the right-angle frame design will still be adopted, but the details may be changed.

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According to the news, the new generation of iPad Pro rear camera module protrudes smaller, the rear is a dual-camera combination, and is equipped with lidar. It is not clear whether the hardware part has been upgraded. The new generation of iPad Pro will still be equipped with four speakers, and the number of openings for the speakers on both sides has also been reduced.

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However, the 12.9-inch version will become slightly thicker, probably because this product will be equipped with a mini-LED screen, and a lot of relevant information has been exposed in the supply chain, and the credibility is still very high. The 11-inch iPad Pro may still use LCD screens.

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The previous generation iPad Pro was a traditional LCD screen. The mini-LED screen is an upgrade based on the LCD screen, which can bring more adjustable backlight partitions, provide a purer black display, higher contrast, etc., and enhance the iPad Pro screen display

In terms of performance, the new generation of iPad Pro will be equipped with a brand-new A14X chip and a 5nm process. It is expected to be much stronger than the previous generation of A12Z and will be equipped with at least 6GB of memory. Among them, the 12.9-inch version also supports 5G networks, implemented through the built-in X55 baseband.

It is reported that the new A14X product of the new generation of iPad Pro may be an alias for the M1 chip, but this part of the news has not yet been confirmed by more confirmation information. The MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini released last year all use the new M1 chip, which can provide very strong performance support and excellent battery life.

iPad Mini 6

The last iPad Mini update was in 2019, and the iPad Mini is likely to be updated this year. According to the news, the screen size of the new iPad Mini will increase to 8.4 inches (the previous generation was 7.9 inches).

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The frame of the new iPad Mini will be narrowed, but it still retains the classic front Touch ID of the previous generation, wide upper and lower frames, and also retains the Lightning interface.


iPad Mini

In terms of configuration, it is expected that the new iPad Mini will be equipped with the A14 chip, which should be the same as the iPad Air4. The processor of the previous generation iPad Mini was only the A12 chip. If the news is true, the performance will be improved by leaps and bounds.


Regarding the design of the new iPad Mini, another rendering of a different design has also been exposed online. Some broke the news that the new iPad Mini will adopt a full-screen design and support screen fingerprint recognition, but the credibility of this design is not high.

AirPods 3

The new AirPods are also expected to be released at Apple’s spring new product launch. Information from multiple sources revealed that the overall design style of the new AirPods is close to the current AirPods Pro.


According to the information exposed on the Internet, the new AirPods adopt a handle-type half-ear design, which can be used with detachable earplugs, and the handle part of the earphone has become shorter. It is understood that the new AirPods will use the same pressure sensor as AirPods Pro, so it should support pressure-sensitive touch functions similar to AirPods Pro.

The design of the charging box of the new AirPods is also similar to that of AirPods Pro, the overall size is smaller, the charging indicator is located on the front, and the charging box also supports wireless charging.

The previous generation of AirPods used the Apple H1 chip. After more than a year, the new AirPods may use the new Apple H2 chip, which should improve the connection performance and power consumption.


The new AirPods are not expected to add active noise reduction and transparency mode, and the price will be lower than AirPods Pro.

AirTags tracker

The AirTags tracker has been exposed many times, and the information revealed that this device will be officially launched in March.


It is understood that the AirTags tracker will provide two different specifications, one large and one small, and the overall specifications may be close to a coin, with a circular design. The front is white, and the back has the Apple Logo, which can be fixed on the object by pasting.


AirTags tracker is a Bluetooth device that can provide tracking and location information. You can place it with backpacks, keys and other items, or you can fix it on items, and you can find the location in real time through devices such as iPhone and iPad. In this way, even if you place items at hand, you can easily find them.


AirTags tracker is expected to have a built-in U1 ultra-wideband chip, which is used for wireless positioning and tracking functions, and uses ultra-wideband technology to improve spatial perception capabilities, so it can provide more accurate location information and make it easier to find corresponding items. Through ultra-wideband technology, the customization accuracy can be increased to about 10 cm.

In terms of battery life, the AirTags tracker may use a non-removable battery design and will support wireless charging technology similar to Apple Watch. It is understood that on the latest iOS/iPadOS 14.3 system, you can see the related page of the tracking item function, which proves that Apple is already testing related functions, which further increases the credibility.


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