Xiaomi body sensor 2: protect your life

With the vigorous development of 5G networks and the Internet of things, more and more manufacturers have joined the field of intelligent life.Intelligent life has become a field of future focus.


So what is intelligent living?Intelligent life platform is based on the storage of cloud computing technology, under the guidance of family scene function integration and value-added service mining, using the mainstream internet communication channels, with a wealth of smart home product terminals to build a new way of life brought by the smart home control system.What changes will intelligent life bring to our life?Let’s start with this Xiaomi body sensor 2 and introduce the new changes brought by intelligent life.


Xiaomi body sensor 2 is a new product released by Xiaomi recently. As an upgrade of the Xiaomi body sensor generation 1, it also adds a lot of interesting and practical functions.


The main selling points of the Xiaomi Body Sensor 2 are movement monitoring, light and shade recognition and intelligent linkage.In the period of use, I personally think the strongest perception is the addition of light and shade recognition, it can automatically control some intelligent products in the home through the change of light and shade of the environment. In addition, Xiaomi body sensor 2 not only has its own light and dark monitoring function, but also can sense indoor temperature and humidity changes to control the operation of the device through the Mijia Bluetooth temperature and humidity meter, and can also be operated by bumping stickers and changes in the concentration of PM2.5 in the air. It also has the function of automatically turning off smart home appliances and anti-theft detection.Check out the Xiaomi Body Sensor 2 via the Mi Jia app, and you can unlock more intelligent linkage schemes.Xiaomi body sensor 2 can be installed directly or through its own bracket. The range of sensor detection can be larger and wider by bracket installation.In terms of battery life, Xiaomi body sensor 2 uses the CR2450 button battery, which can be used for one year according to the official propaganda. For the battery power situation, you can also check through the APP of Mijia.


The Xiaomi Body Sensor 2 is quite in line with my experience needs. Since using it, I have never turned off the desk lamp with my hand. Everything is left to the sensor.This is what the future smart life should be like, just like your housekeeper, I hope the future home is cooler and more intelligent.