Photos of Redmi K40 have been exposed

Recently, the Redmi K40 series has begun to warm up and is scheduled to be officially released on February 25th. This morning, the redmi K40’s network ID photo was exposed on the Internet.






Judging from this exposure picture, it seems that Redmi does not have a designer, and the back camera design is entirely the lengthening of the Mi 11 rear camera, which can be said to be “in the same line”. And the color scheme is very similar, in addition to light blue, there will be a dark blue color scheme.


The rear camera looks like a four-camera module. The upper and lower two large lenses should be the main camera and the ultra-wide angle. There are also two extremely small cameras in the middle, perhaps 2x macro telephoto and depth-of-field cameras.
Redmi K40 still promotes cost-effectiveness, and will also be equipped with Qualcomm’s strongest flagship Snapdragon 888. The specific configuration and price information will be announced at the press conference.