Still soaking your feet in a bucket? Try the smart steam foot bath

the recently discovered an artifact, that is, the Zuodian Xiaoxian smart steam foot bath, which is different from the traditional foot bath and uses fumigation and atomization technology, which has more advantages and more convenient than ordinary foot baths.

The packaging is quite satisfactory. The thick kraft carton and plastic foam ensure that the footbath will not be damaged during transportation.


The first thing you can see when you open the package is a box of complimentary foot baths called “Healthy Empress”, which is different from traditional foot baths. It needs to be boiled with water and cooled to a suitable temperature before you can start the cumbersome steps of foot bathing. Use ” Just add the foot bath together with clean water to the foot bath, and the atomization can start directly. At the same time, the foot bath is made of wormwood, which is distilled and cooled to extract pure dew. Not only is the steam fragrant and pleasant, it also helps the pores of the feet to be absorbed more than traditional medicine packs.


There are 10 packs of foot massage, which are all individually packaged. You can add different amounts according to your needs. Jellyfish checked the price of this foot massage on the Internet and it was not too expensive, and it was used up later and there was no pressure to buy.


Does it look like sucking jelly, haha.

Product instruction manual and guide to connect with Mijia Smart APP.



On the left, the appearance of the Xiaoxian Smart Steam Foot Bath is white, and the shape is still quite different from the traditional foot bath. If it weren’t for the foot massage board exposed at the front, I thought it was a new speaker.


Does it look a bit like a cat litter? Compared to the traditional foot bath, it has a really high value, and it is also smaller in size than the traditional foot bath. It only needs 0.03 cubic meters of storage.



The machine adopts a physical separation design of human, water and electricity. Independent sub-storage system for hydropower storage, avoiding leakage problems from the source. Innovative design of separated waste water tank, which can be easily cleaned after being drawn out. Unused waste water can flow into the water tank through the drain, which also avoids the embarrassment of poor use like ordinary foot baths.

Use experience:

As a product that supports Mijia APP control, an intelligent experience is of course essential. After binding through the Mijia APP, you can set the foot bath. The setting interface is very simple and easy to understand, and there is no difficulty in getting started. The real-time remaining time and gear position of the footbath can be controlled, and the pause operation can also be carried out. It can be said that it is very convenient to use a mobile phone to operate without bending over to operate the panel on the footbath.


The Xiaoxian smart steam foot bath on the left is very convenient to use. It does not need to boil, add water and make it in place like a traditional foot bath. The 900ml large-capacity water tank can be fumigated for 60 minutes when filled. In actual use, you can choose to fill it up at one time without having to repeatedly add water, or you can choose to add enough water at one time.


It is very convenient to add water, just fill it through the water injection port above the footbath.


Don’t forget to add foot bath after adding water. This is also added according to your needs and preferences. The jellyfish used it for the first time and poured all the bags in. The wormwood smell was very strong, like walking into a Chinese medicine shop.


After everything is ready, you can start steaming your feet comfortably. On the left, the Xiaoxian Smart Steam Foot Bath uses micro-pressurized thermal steam technology to heat up a full basin of steam in 10 seconds, so that your feet can be bathed in a hot sauna and feel the comfort of warming your body from your feet.

As a jellyfish using a steam foot bath for the first time, let’s talk about the experience of use. The feeling of using a steam foot bath is very similar to a foot bath with water, as if the feet are soaked in water, but it will not look like ordinary Foot swelling after soaking in a foot bath. The temperature is also very suitable. It is warm and suitable for use in winter. After 20 minutes, it seems to have made a foot SPA for the feet, from the soles of the feet to the bottom of my heart.

Compared with foaming feet, the water pressure will block the pores, so that the water cannot be absorbed by the feet well, and the outer layer of moisture will be taken away by the heat to give a dry feeling. In the fumigation method, small steam molecules can easily penetrate, which not only facilitates the removal of dirt, but also locks in moisture and moisturizes the feet. At the same time, it can be used by the whole family. Steaming feet for ladies who wear high heels can soften thick cuticles, and “workers” who face great work pressure can release 996 fatigue, relieve stress and soothe the body and mind; steaming for the elderly can relax the body and help Sleep.


The details of workmanship need to be improved, as well as the operation logic of APP.