Xiaomi Rainbow Battery, The soul transformed by colorful auspicious clouds

Batteries that are commonly used in life can only be remembered and remembered when they are used, and they disappear from people’s consciousness in normal times. Not because he is not practical enough, but because he is not colorful enough. At a certain moment, there was a man who had an idea and designed the Xiaomi Rainbow Battery under the mark of colorful auspicious clouds. Speaking of which, I really admire Zimi Technology. The small accessories are so colorful. Rainbow batteries are generally not used in my hands. I like to collect them. They will always be in my favorites.


Rainbow No. 5 battery is exquisite. The packaging is see-through, and this design is also very good, it can attract the attention of the masses at a glance.


A brief introduction also constitutes the sealing function of the package, which is concise.


OPEN! ! ! Open here. To be honest, the opening is really tough, and it’s really hard to open him in winter. I feel so tired that my hands hurt. I really hope that it can be optimized later.




Every time I see them, I will unconsciously think of the delicate rainbow, and my heart suddenly feels beautiful and triggers a pleasant stimulation.


There is also an introduction of ingredients and specifications on the battery theme. The big 5 characters show my identity-I am the number 5. In fact, these colors are my favorite colors, very quiet, soft and comfortable. Color is the reaction and inspiration of the soul. At the same time, note: Do not put the battery in fire! ! !


Form a circle to build a harmonious and happy family. Let the small appliances that can’t do without us become more obsessed with us.


Build MI’s love nest together. Whether it is Xiaomi or Zimi, it is a reaction and realistic portrayal of the rice culture, and it is my life’s follower and hand-in-hand partner. So, I like the word MI very much.

No matter where the Rainbow Battery is placed, there will be friendly partners to join in. Because they are gorgeous, because they are approachable, because they are colorful. A colorful life is always full of legends and memories, and colorful batteries will also have their own unique experiences and full of memories.

Even if they get together, they are so magnificent. Unity is strength, and unity is magnificence.



Whether it’s a neat team or a leisurely stretch, that kind of beauty always exudes, nothing can be shaken.



With you, whether it’s the sun shining brightly, or the first clear after the rain, or the gray and gloomy, or the rain and snow, I can see the rainbow in the sky and in my hands.



Since I have you, there are memories in my life. You must be there everywhere. This is the soul transformed by colorful auspicious clouds like a shadow following!

The Mi Qicai battery has the biggest disadvantage: it cannot be charged. Such a colorful battery is thrown away once it is used up. It is a waste to think about it. I hope it will become a rechargeable device in the future.