Xiaomi Mijia hair dryer is definitely a must-buy good item

There are many ways and means to improve your beauty, among which hair care is extremely important. Today I want to talk about this small appliance which is closely related to hair care and hairstyle creation. That is the hair dryer! And I’d like to recommend this Mijia hair dryer with water ion technology.

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It has an exquisite button design, the upper part is the temperature adjustment button, which not only supports the conventional cold and hot air, but also provides a uniquely hot and cold circulating air mode, and the wind adjustment button at the bottom provides two levels of wind power selection.


Different from ordinary hair dryers, the nozzle of this Mijia water ion hair dryer adopts a magnetic design, which is flexible in free rotation. The double-layer structure design reduces the surface temperature of the tuyere effectively, which prevents burns.


The wind force is largely determined by the motor. The Mijia water ion hair dryer uses a Japanese Mabuchi brand motor, with 6-wing wing blades, not only has a high speed but also has low noise. The 1.6m³ wind meter per minute actually exceeded my expectations.


I believe that many people will be more upset with dry hair and static electricity when using a hair dryer like me. Although the hairstyle is blown, damage to the hair quality is often unavoidable. Now, Xiaomi’s black technology water ion technology is here.


At the air outlet of the hair dryer, there is a built-in condensation needle device, which can condense the moisture in the air and instantly atomize it into tiny negative water ions by the needle electrode. Don’t underestimate this technology. The negative water ions pass through a unique air duct. The design can be transported over long distances to ensure penetration to the hair and scalp. It can effectively close the hair scales, reduce static electricity, tame frizz, and make the hair more shiny and elastic, and have better gloss. You will no longer have to worry about frizzy hair and injuries.