The screenshots and new features of MIUI 13 are exposed: Very eye-catching!

Are you looking forward to MIUI 13?

The news broke that Xiaomi is expected to hold a new product launch conference in mid-to-early August (around the 11th) to launch new products such as Xiaomi MIX 4.

Obviously, this is an excellent time for MIUI 13 to debut, but the premise is that it has been modified to be basically mature.

A few days ago, a batch of screenshots of MIUI 13 features were exposed, showing new features including Gesture Turbo 2.0 (gestures), Small Window, Natural Touch 2.0, and a new control center.

Due to the limited information, it is still impossible to fully understand the implementation of specific functions in fresh terms, but the control center is relatively clear.

It can be seen that the music control card has been moved from the notification bar to the control center page. I don’t know whether it is only effective for the built-in music APP or whether it is optimized for QQ Music, NetEase Cloud Music and other three-party programs.

It was previously revealed that MIUI 13 will also add fusion memory technology to increase the maximum 3GB RAM.