Infinix Goes Crazy!! Can Xiaomi Be Defeated?

If you talk about “Insane Specs at Cheap Prices” your mind will definitely go to Xiaomi, so there’s nothing wrong with that one product, indeed, in all segments, there are entry-level, mid-range to flagship products at pocket-friendly prices.

But if you want to talk about entry level, Xiaomi is actually defeated by a cellphone whose name may rarely be heard by people but the built is pretty decent, Infinix is one of the dark horses that can attract the attention of young people who want a cool looking cellphone,

cheap prices for gaming specs in the Mediatek chipset class, although some use the Snapdragon 750G chipset but have not released it in Indonesia, namely the Infinix Hot 11 Pro.


But why this phone is outclassed by Xiaomi?

Xiaomi’s struggle took years to destroy the dominance of the BBK group and also Samsung, while the Infinix was a bit tough because it directly faced Xiaomi in the same segment.

So the features that Infinix sells are large batteries with an average of over 4000 Mah, gaming specs, and the appearance looks premium. But usually in Indonesia, new cellphones are hard to reach the market,

Because many people prefer to often say “goods made in this country are good, while goods made in this country are bad”, even though we know that currently the quality of cellphone products is almost equal.


Is this Infinix made in China? It’s a bit complicated but we’ll discuss this a little bit, the headquarters of Infinix is in Hong Kong since 2013.

It should be remembered that Hong Kong was indeed part of China because Britain had handed it over to China in 1997.

Hong Kong, however, is arguably a special region of China, with its own currency, legal system and civil liberties, which are not available in most of the rest of China.

Sometimes there are those who say that Hong Kong is not China, but in fact Hong Kong has become part of China, so please just choose made in Hong Kong or China, it’s not affected by the quality of the cellphones they offer,

because what is unique is that Infinix’s R&D (research and development) centers are located in France and Korea.


For your information, cellphones sold specifically for Indonesia must comply with the Domestic Content Level (TKDN) regulations.

so it’s not surprising that the box also has the information Made in Indonesia (Made in Indonesia).

So because it has passed the TKDN, Infinix has graced the Indonesian market in recent years.

The longer the design, features, wide screen even they collaborate with mobile legend games, that’s certainly a plus point for Infinix to start ogling young people with a limited budget.