How Can the Speed Charging Be Bound by Endurance?Comment on Orico PD60W Charger

At present, the main entertainment means for young people are watching short videos and playing mobile games. As a result, people gradually become more dependent on electronic products and have higher requirements on the battery life of electronic devices.At present, mobile phones, tablets and laptops are always seeking to be light and portable, and the space reserved for batteries is limited, so the battery life of the products has to be reduced.How can you be bound by endurance in an age of rapid charge?There are solutions, of course.


There is only one original fast charging head for the mobile phone, which can not balance multiple scenes such as home, work, business trip and travel. In view of this, it is necessary to buy another fast charging electric device.Through the comparison of brand, power and price, I  finally chose ORICO PD 60W fast charging electric appliance, which can charge as fast as the original one, and its charging security is also guaranteed


Compared with the phone’s original charging head, ORICO’s quick charging head is larger in size. Multiple digital products can be charged by this charger, intelligent matching charging power makes charging security guaranteed.


The shell of the charger is mainly made of plastic material, and the surface is smooth and textured after piano paint processing.The edges and corners of the charger are round and comfortable to hold.It is worth mentioning that the plug and charger body are with white and gray color contrast design,which looks fashion.The pin adopts foldable design, which is easy to carry, adding many portable properties to the charger.



The shell of ORICO charger is made of PC flame retardant material. During charging, even if there is a short circuit or a fault caused by human, it can avoid causing open fire and minimize the potential power safety hazards.In the actual charging test, the charging head only has a warm touch, and no serious heating occurs. It is worth mentioning that the ORICO charger supports a voltage of 100-240V 50/60Hz and a current of 1.3A. For professionals who fly around a lot, one charger can meet the charging needs of all devices even when they go abroad.