10 must-play high scores offline mobile game!

1.Runner: Alto’s Odyssey

Runner: Alto’s Odyssey is the second work of Alto’s Adventure. The pictures in the game are still breathtaking, the beautiful painting style is a very fresh silhouette art style. Every picture can be used as a wallpaper. All you have to do is collect gold coins scattered across the desert, dodge naughty lemurs, jump through breathtaking canyons, and explore the unknown in the depths of the desert.






Badland’s Lost Land game is a relaxing experience with its aesthetic, which can be viewed as a flying parkour game. It seems simple, but it takes skilled operation to avoid the dangerous traps and mechanisms in this seemingly beautiful and quiet monk forest.





3.Color Pixel Art-Atti Land

To restore the light of an island, the player has to restore the original color of the island by coloring the painting. There is no time limit, just like when I was a child filling in the color. You will win by finishing a painting.




4.Crossy Road

Crossy Road is already a classic mobile game. It can collect a lot of characters, and it’s very exciting to play. And it doesn’t need the network to play, play and break your own records when you feel bored!



5.Criminal Case


CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) is one of the most popular TV series in the world. Criminal Case is one of the most popular games in the world. And this game can also be found on Facebook, you can connect to the account of the mobile version! (Only the mobile version supports offline play, you can download the play level in advance to play offline.)




6. Dead Trigger

A shooting game is the best choice if you want to play the exciting version of a mobile game! If you like to kill zombies, you can download this game. The game has a story, the player needs to kill zombies to rescue survivors, high quality and realistic game screen make the player shout fun!




7.Burger Shop

The Burger Shop series is one of the most classic games of all time. It was originally only available on PC, it has been released on mobile in recent years. Currently, there are Burger Shop 1 and Burger Shop 2. The Burger Shop’s image is funny, with players serving customers of all ages as the clerk in the Burger Shop, which is a great way to kill time.





8.Good Pizza,Great Pizza

Great Pizza is just like the Burger Shop, the owner of a new Pizza Shop has to be in charge of his own business, and it’s easy to get hungry when you’re making your own Pizza. The gameplay is not difficult and easy to learn!





9.Tape it Up!

Tape it Up requires the player to paste boxes together. The character in the game is tape! The game is simple, there are only three ways in the game, you only need to slide to the left or right. You can also collect a variety of cute tape characters through the game!




DEEMO is a music game where the player has to drop a note from the top of the screen to reach the decision line by clicking on the screen. After each performance of a song, the tree on the piano will grow according to the degree of completion of the song. At the end of the play, the ending of Deemode and the character’s life history will be revealed. Unlike a typical music game, DEEMO has a story, which is impeccable both visually and musically.