New Year is approaching: here are 5 mobile phones to choose for your lady as presents

Which of the recently released phones are more appropriate as New Year’s gifts?In my opinion, with a little bit of color and a little bit of other embellishments are more suitable choices.

No.1 OPPO Reno5 Pro


OPPO Reno5Pro  has a number of good selling points, including a lightweight fuselage design, a stardiamond craft design that continues to be represented by the stardiamond style star dream color scheme, and improvements to the so-called FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology.But today I would like to recommend to you OPPO Reno5 Pro’s new color palette for New Year — Wishing star Red color.




It is completely different from the other three conventional colors of OPPO Reno5 Pro. It not only follows the innovative Reno Glow2.0 star diamond technology of the other three colors, but also creates a very imaginative color. In addition, it also characterizes the Reno Glow logo on the back of the mobile phone with extreme New Year atmosphere, which is special and warm. It is a good choice to send it as a new year’s gift.

No.2 Redmi Note 9 



Redmi Note 9 has few bright spots and advantages in terms of core hardware and overall collocation. The biggest bright spot is its high cost performance and affordability.Selected design, it is a piece of 6.53 inches full hd eyecare LCD screen and a resolution of 1080p, carrying the qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor with LPDDR4x + 2.2 flash it, pre – 8 million megapixel camera, rear rear 48 million pixels main perturbation camera + 8 million pixels ultra wide angle lens + 2 million pixels as the depth of field lens three perturbation combination, and is equipped with a large piece of 6000 mAh battery.



This New Year’s version is the latest Redmi Note 9 4G version of Twilight Orange launched by Xiaomi. There is not much change in the technology, but the feeling of orange still gives people a festive effect. Moreover, it seems to be polished with a high gloss process, and the whole machine looks shining.The new color scheme also comes with a larger memory combination — the 8GB RAM+256GB combination

No.3 iPhone 12


In terms of design, the iPhone 12 is a return to its original angular, right-angled look.A14 processor core hardware for apple, double rear 12 million AI perturbation, and with very good video image stabilization function, iPhone also comes with 12 level IP68 dust waterproof function support, such as 3d structure light facial unlock function.



The pure color system that Apple has been using so far still makes iPhone 12 perform well. I recommend the red iPhone 12 for the selection of new year this time.


No.4 Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G


In terms of core hardware, Samsung S20 FE uses snapdragon 865 processor and 6.5-inch FHD+ resolution AMOLED screen.Samsung S20 FE opted for a 32 megapixel front and a 12 megapixel IMX555 rear main camera with a 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and 8 megapixel telephoto lens




I recommend the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe-inspired red. Although the phone is made of plastic to cut costs in terms of material, the matte process gives the back a similar design to the frosted glass surface. The matte process also minimizes stains and fingerprints.

No.5 Honor 30 Pro



The Honor 30 Pro has been launched in mid-april of this year, it is featured a hyperboloid screen with a 6.57-inch, 70° hypercurved OLED splash screen on the front. It also features a full-featured front-facing dual-hole phone with a high refresh rate of 90Hz. The multiple camera combinations ensures the powerful image taking function of this phone.



Honor 30 Pro has 5 regular color matches, among which I recommend the color match of Flash Fantasy, which has different aesthetic feeling from different angles. Besides, because it is a combination of light colors, it will be very beautiful to match the gifts of festivals. Girls should not refuse such a product.