OPPO Air Glass review: truly usable smart glasses are here

After mobile phones and watches, smart glasses are likely to become the third screen in our smart wearable life. In the past, we used to look down when we received news, but now with smart glasses, we can check the information directly in the field of vision, and the “head down people” will gradually become a thing of the past.

OPPO Air Glass is not the first successful smart glasses in history, and even the configuration is not perfect, but in my opinion, it may be the most likely to succeed, at least in the right direction, because it There is no extreme stacking, but a route that takes into account both cost and experience.


The design of OPPO Air Glass is very mature, the lightweight body will not burden the user, and the magnetic suction method is stable and convenient. The display effect utilizes the latest Micro LED display technology, although currently only supports monochrome and the resolution is average, but it is enough to meet the needs.

In terms of function, some people think that OPPO Air Glass looks similar to a bracelet and cannot run independently, but must be connected to a mobile phone to transmit and display information, but thanks to the advantage of displaying information directly into the eye, it can give you The auxiliary effect brought is far greater than that of the bracelet.


When speaking, it can be used as a teleprompter, real-time translation of foreign language communication, and even AR navigation. It allows you to experience the convenience brought by these technologies while being more natural. Instead of staring at a small screen for fear of missing a bit of information, it is to integrate information with the environment, so that you can double the efficiency of visually obtaining information.

OPPO Air Glass is just the beginning, it represents the trend of the future. Although it looks a bit simple now, with a monochrome display, a low image refresh rate, and functions that are inseparable from the support of the mobile phone, think about the first smartphone and the first smart bracelet. Isn’t that the case?

aR smart glasses are bound to be the next wave of smart wear. If you want to try it, the current OPPO Air Glass is definitely the best choice. To open the era of smart glasses, let’s start with this OPPO Air Glass.OPPO-VR-29