Unexpectedly the sense of security for a business traveler comes from that !

I don’t know what your travel plans are.

As soon as I entered March, I couldn’t bear to feel eager to move.

I have started planning to travel ✈️

Sisters all know that I like traveling very much

Even if you don’t travel, it’s all kinds of business trips

Two or three cities a week are also common

Other things are okay when you travel

The phone must have electricity to feel safe

Whether people are eating, taking a taxi, or looking for a hotel

We can’t do anything without the mobile phone

As long as I see that the battery is below 20%

I was flustered at that time

So the charger I use is also different from ordinary ones!

It is Anker Nano 20W fast charge charger

About 50% of the battery can be charged in half an hour, which is 3 times faster than the original chargers

The size of the charging head is as small as Apple’s original 5W, small and easy to carry

It can be used as long as iPhone 8 or higher models and Android are available

And Anker is an official Apple brand, using Apple’s original chip(Android phones can also use that )

Use it without worries

I usually like to plug in the charger and play video games 

Sometimes the phone gets hot

The charging cable is very unstable

This time it is equipped with a food-grade skin-friendly charging cable

I’m not afraid that the threads are always tangled

There are four colors of coral powder, lavender gray, mint green, and cloud white

I still chose the cloud white

You can use mobile phone with full electricity anytime

No longer afraid of the embarrassment of a dead phone

Just found out now

It turns out that the full sense of security is given by Anker’s fast charger