LG announced the design patent of the scroll screen mobile phone


According to news on February 9th, at this year’s CES 2021 conference, LG provided a sci-fi video showing LG’s first rolling screen concept phone, LG Rollable, and said that it will go on sale this year, which is similar to the traditional folding screen. Unlike mobile phones, LG Rollable can be changed from a tablet to the size of a smartphone after shrinking.

Recently, according to letsgodigital news, LG applied for a design patent for a scroll-screen mobile phone on CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) in early 2020.

The patent was published on February 9, 2021. The patent document contains 26 patent sketches, showing the appearance design of the phone from various angles.


It can be seen from the patent map that this machine is similar to the previously released OPPO X 2021 electric scroll screen design, but the biggest difference is that LG’s new scroll screen is on the back of the phone. It is additionally equipped with a secondary screen that can be used for taking pictures. The lens also saves cost and phone space.

In addition, the whole machine adopts the horizontal stretching mode, and the body has no physical buttons.

According to the patent description, the screen can be enlarged by about 40% after being fully unfolded. On the right side of the back screen is a three-camera lens module.

However, two obvious guide rails can be seen after the machine is unfolded. Dust and dirt can easily enter between the two. I don’t know how LG intends to solve this problem.


It is worth mentioning that, compared with folding screen phones, the advantage of scroll screen phones is that they have no screen creases.

Since it is only a patent exposure, the detailed configuration and parameters of the machine are not yet known, and we will continue to pay attention.

It is believed that as the yield rate and production capacity of flexible screens gradually increase, major mobile phone manufacturers will also make efforts to deploy in the field of scroll screens.