The new handheld GPD WIN 3 will definitely impress you

For those who like to play games, handheld gaming devices are definitely items worth paying attention to. The classic operation method and diversified game content can accompany us to spend a happy time. At present, handheld game devices are still very diverse, including mobile phones, smart game consoles, and PSP, switch, and other devices. If you want to play the new AAA game masterpiece on the PC, you will love the WIN 3 handheld from the GPD brand, which can combine the advantages of the computer and the handheld device, allowing you to get a more rich and interesting game experience.


Through testing of various mainstream AAA-level games that have been popular in the recent period, GPD WIN 3 handhelds can get a frame rate above 60FPS. This performance far exceeds that of many notebooks that are advertised for games. With this overall performance, it is enough to make game-loving friends very excited.

To run AAA-level game masterpieces smoothly, a good configuration is naturally essential. GPD WIN 3 uses Intel’s 11th generation Tiger Lake-U series 1165G7 / 1135G7 processors, single-core performance super desktop flagship i9-10900K, and Intel 12th generation Iris Xe Graphics core display. It’s with 96EU performance and 1TB high-speed NVMe SSD, supports Pcie 4.0 speed doubling, and can also double the bandwidth through Thunderbolt 4 interface. It can be equipped with an external graphics card docking station for higher frame rates to obtain a great gaming experience.


In addition to excellent chips and graphics cards, a good architecture also requires a wide bandwidth and high-speed memory frequency. GPD WIN 3 is equipped with 16GB LPDDR4x 4266 high-frequency memory. Compared with the current common 2666 frequency memory, the efficiency is improved by more than 20%. Combined with the Tiger Lake-U processor’s 86GB/s bandwidth, it is better than all kinds of notebooks using the same chip. 


For all kinds of games, in addition to smooth running, you also need to pay attention to better control methods. Compared with the traditional mouse and keyboard, GPD WIN3 is equipped with the ALPS original dual 3D joystick, which has smooth control, and sensitive feedback.


The screen design uses a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280×720, which has a better display effect than common handhelds. The pixel density is 268 PPI. With H-IPS technology and the highest backlight brightness that is close to 500nit, it can be read and watched clearly in the sun. It supports touch operation, making daily use faster and more convenient.


Overall, this GPD WIN 3 can play a lot of games with a smooth frame rate, strong operability, and easy portability, which is very attractive to game lovers like me. In addition to the various kinds of emulators and MODs in the game, it is very suitable for players, so that you can play anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient!