Nubia Z40 Pro ,the most powerful imaging flagship in Nubia’s history is released!

At the Nubia new product launch conference (China) this afternoon, the Nubia Z40 Pro, the new flagship of humanistic imaging, was officially released, priced from 3399 yuan, and the world’s first Android magnetic wireless charging mobile phone was also launched. , Nubia Z40 Pro Gravity Edition starts at 4299 CNY.


This time, the Nubia Z40 Pro is the first in the industry to customize optics for 35mm, with a 64 million master-level humanistic main camera, with Sony IMX787 flagship sensor, 50 million ultra-wide-angle, 8 million periscope telephoto, and the imaging capabilities are further upgraded.


According to reports, 35mm is more in line with the human eye perspective, the composition can be more pure, the main body is prominent, and unnecessary cluttered backgrounds are excluded.

At the same time, the customized 35mm optical lens can suppress the edge distortion within 1%. Compared with the 26mm lens of the previous generation, the optical distortion is reduced by 35%.

It is worth mentioning that the Nubia Z40 Pro also has functions such as lightning capture, adaptive shutter shadow tracking algorithm, 9 starry sky algorithms, AI constellation and other functions.


In terms of core configuration, the Nubia Z40 Pro is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, equipped with a 6.67-inch flexible curved screen, supports 144Hz high refresh rate, built-in 5000mAh battery, and supports 80W super fast charging.

In order to make the Snapdragon 8 play a more extreme and long-lasting performance, the new phone adopts a full three-dimensional embracing heat dissipation design, waterfall-type fast heat conduction, no frequency reduction and no freeze, and the industry’s first new aerospace-grade micro-nano cavity graphene phase change uniformity. warm plate.

In other respects, the Nubia Z40 Pro is also equipped with dual speakers, an X-axis linear motor, and the first MyOS 12 operating system.