Nice looking Leifin high-speed hairdryers sell well throughout the network

The times are changing, and the needs of users are also changing. For hair dryers, simply drying the hair is not the only factor for consumers to choose products. On the basis of hair blowing, most people pay more and more attention to the appearance of the hairdryer itself, how to quickly dry it while reducing hair damage. At present, the hairdryers on the market can be divided into ordinary low-speed hairdryers and high-speed hairdryers according to different motor speeds and styles. The motor speed of low-speed hair dryers is generally between 1-3 million rpm. In order to achieve the purpose of fast-drying hair, only drying hair with high temperature can easily damage the hair keratin, which can cause split ends, hair scale damage, and loss of luster. High-speed hair dryer technology is monopolized by the Dyson family. The high price which is almost a luxury also lets many people stay away from this.


The Leifin team took 731 days to successfully develop a high-speed brushless motor with 110,000 rpm. It is a cost-effective high-speed hair dryer brand in China and has applied for dozens of related patents. It is worth mentioning that the price of this black-tech hairdryer is only one-half of domestic-made similar hairdryers, which is less than a fraction of international big-name hairdryers. However, its core data has achieved many industry firsts and has been recognized by many professionals.


In addition to the 110,000-rpm high-speed motor, the Leifin high-speed hairdryer is also equipped with airflow multiplication technology, which can promote a strong airflow of 15L per second, and quickly dry hair without relying on high temperature. At the same time, it uses a highly sensitive glass bead thermal sensor, the air outlet temperature is monitored 30 times per second, and the constant air temperature can reduce the overheating damage to the hair. In addition, Leifin’s original six-fold noise reduction technology acoustically optimizes the wind noise, and the blowing experience is very outstanding.