Nearly perfect: Logitech G304 wireless mouse

Logitac’s G304’s rating has been very high, G304’s visible parameters: HERO engine, 200~12000DPI, 400IPS, net weight 73G, maximum rate of return 1000, 6 programmable keys, 116.6×62.15×38.2mm. Symmetrical appearance, overall looks more small, but it is not suitable for big hands players.The whole shell is relatively fine frosted, there is no other non-slip treatment, sweaty hand is not very easy to grasp it.





The two primary keys of G304 are omron D2FC-F-7N, I wonder if they have been updated now.The shell shrapnel of the primary key has the same length on the left and right sides. The trigger distance of the micromotion is short, the trigger pressure is small, the trigger feeling is not strong, the sound is not loud, it is not very crisp, the overall feeling is not so good, and it is a little bit of labor saving. The height of the DPI switch key is close to the surrounding area, so it has a high sense of pressure and is not easy to mistouch. Two side keys feel general, a little more crisp than the primary key,the trigger distance short. But the endurance is worthy of praise! Each player’s requirements are different, “nearly perfect” is a bit overrated. Let’s see if Logitech can update it.