Huawei matepad or iPad2020? This article tells you the answer.

IPad 2020 or Huawei matepad 10.8

Display screen:

IPad:10.2 inch / 2160mm 1620 resolution / screen length and width 20.8mm 15.6

Huawei: 10.8 inches / 2560 inches 1600 resolution / screen width 23.3 inches 14.5

The screen of Huawei Matepad is bigger and longer than that of iPad as a whole, and the effect of watching video is better. The utilization rate of horizontal screen is higher, and the operation efficiency of split screen is higher.


IPad:A12 Bionic Chip + iPadOS14 system

Huawei: Kirin 990 chip

A12 is the chip of Apple Xs/XR and Kirin 990 is the chip of Huawei P40/mate30. A12 may have better performance than Kirin 990, but as flat-panel chips, these two chips are very capable of playing, and for working and learning are completely fine.


IPad: unilateral double speaker, located at the bottom of the flat plate

Huawei: bilateral four-speaker speakers, located on both sides of the flat plate

Dual speakers are more three-dimensional than single speakers, because most of the videos are on a horizontal screen, so when you use iPad to watch videos, you will feel the sound coming out from one side.

Unlock mode:

IPad: fingerprint / password unlock

Huawei: face recognition / fingerprint / password unlocking

The fingerprint unlocking of iPad is very sensitive. Huawei may have a small button area. Fingerprint unlocking is not particularly sensitive, but it can be used for face recognition.

Intelligent split screen:

IPad: It is a pity that most video software does not support split screens, and bilibili can only have small windows. Those who often need to take notes while watching videos can use bilibili&acutes web version or download Baidu network disk video and open it with nplayer.

Huawei: The 80% of the software supports split-screen operation, and almost all daily software can be used. Pull the split screen column from the left or right side of the screen, pull the software out and drag it to the screen and ok it.

Stylus stylus:

IPad: There are many flat stylus on the market can also be used with anti-mistouch function

Huawei: It is a pity that there are few Huawei flat stylus on the market. Basically, they are not protected from mistouch.

My advice: Apple or other Android users can access iPad directly.

If you are the Huawei mobile phone user, I shall recommend Huawei tablet. Huawei sharing / multi-screen collaboration of mobile tablet / memo Synchronize update can be carried out in the same ecosystem.

If you often use tablet for entertainment, such as watching video and listening to music, Huawei has a better sense of use, intelligent split screen can allow you play a lot of tricks.

If you start with the tablet only to learn, iPad handwriting software is more classic and rich, in terms of online course videos, you can use video apps on iPad.