Brydge Trackpad-Microsoft’s official partner brand

Computer is a tool that modern working people must use every day. A good accessory can help us improve efficiency at work. Common computer accessories are the mouse and keyboard, as well as some USB extension dock.Today, I would like to recommend a trackpad that can replace the mouse. The W-Touch trackpad from Brydge can turn an ordinary office computer into a touch-enabled tool. Brydge originated in the United States and has been fostered by Silicon Valley’s strong technological innovation atmosphere. Brydge has developed tablet keyboards and other accessories for Apple, Microsoft and Google, and its products have won several Red Dot Design Awards and CES Innovation Awards.


The W-Touch is a wireless desktop trackpad designed specifically for Microsoft Windows devices.



The whole touch pad is made of aluminum alloy with black paint. In addition to being solid and reliable, the aluminum alloy body feels pretty good.


The front is the Type-C interface, multi-function power button and indicator light, which are located in the center of the side.Turn the multifunction power key right to the center, and the mark in the hole changes from red to green, indicating that the Brydge W-Touch trackpad is turned on and in standby mode.


In terms of functionality, the Brydge W-Touch trackpad is native to Windows, with left mouse button on the left and right mouse button on the right and the feedback is in time, making it more comfortable than the trackpad on my own laptop. The Brydge W-Touch trackpad has the same multi-touch features as the Microsoft Surface and it supports three-finger free gesture control.