Don’t be confused when you change your phone at the end of the year! Recommended 5 slim and beautiful mobile phones

Put a few labels on the products that are currently at the top of the smartphone market, which one will come to your mind? Some people say that 5G can be used as a label, I personally think it is too common; some people think that images can be used as a label, in my opinion, this label is also a bit general. Perhaps, the lightweight body design is a good label?


As you can see, after entering the era of full screen, people are no longer accustomed to mobile phones below 6 inches, and the power consumption of 5G mobile phones is still higher than that of 4G, so manufacturers are already making good and slim I have hesitated for a long time on the two choices of hand feel and powerful heavy battery life + slightly thicker body. When manufacturers can better balance the relationship between good hand feel and renewed battery life, the era of lightweight 5G mobile phones is still unstoppable.

For example, the five mobile phones I will introduce next~

Mi 11: Lightweight and cost-effective choice


The body thickness of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is controlled at 8.06mm, but it has a built-in 4600mAh battery. The final body weight is only 196g. Among many products of the same type, it can be regarded as a relatively balanced one with thin and large-capacity batteries. Mobile phone; also, Xiaomi Mi 11 spent a lot of thought on the screen this time: for example, the resolution has been upgraded to a 6.81-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 3200*1440 WQHD+, which supports 120Hz refresh rate and 480Hz touch sampling rate, and has a 10bit color depth of 10.7 With billion-color display, the hardware-calibrated screen has achieved ultra-high color accuracy of JNCD≈0.38 and Δ≈0.41. As such, in terms of screen quality, Xiaomi Mi 11 is also known!


In the hardware part, Xiaomi Mi 11 is equipped with Audio-Technica’s Snapdragon 888+ full-blood version of LPDDR5+UFS 3.1 flash memory, supplemented by a rear camera consisting of 108 million pixels main camera + 13 million pixels ultra-wide-angle lens + 5 million pixel telephoto macro lens Three shots. Compared with the previous generation products, these configurations can only be said to be regular upgrades. My comment is a combination of practicality and playability.

Conclusion: I have to find a shortcoming for Xiaomi Mi 11. I think it is not a big breakthrough in appearance design, other aspects are pretty good. The price of 3999 yuan can have a slim grip, top screen quality, and excellent hardware performance. What bike do you want?

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vivo X60 Pro: the choice of thin and light video images

Perhaps it is precise because Xiaomi’s “first shot” is aimed at the slim design in the 5G era. The Vivo X60 Pro, which was also released in January, also added the word “slim” to its product positioning. The thickness is controlled at 7.59mm, the bodyweight is 178g, and the battery capacity is only 4200mAh. Compared with the Xiaomi Mi 11, the Vivo X60 is more extreme and slimmer, but the ability of heavy battery life is relatively weak.


The biggest highlight of Vivo X60 is its imaging system. It is equipped with a 48-megapixel ultra-clear main camera + a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + a 13-megapixel portrait lens + an 8-megapixel periscope. The rear four-camera system composed of lenses has one more telephoto lens than Xiaomi Mi 11-supporting 5X optical zoom + 60X superzoom, and the main camera also has the support of Micro PTZ 2.0, which not only covers the whole scene shooting, And the stability of the video production is also guaranteed.


For the hardware part, the Vivo X60 Pro chose the Samsung Orion Exynos 1080 5G SoC, supplemented by the LPDDR4x+UFS 3.1 combination. Although it is also a good match, it is a second-level flagship match in comparison; its screen part also supports With a high refresh rate of 120Hz and HDR10+ support, the resolution is still 1080P, but the screen has a smaller aperture and a centered hole design, which is relatively comfortable and not small in appearance. It is equipped with a rear matrix camera design. The visual experience will be more comfortable in appearance.

Conclusion: Vivo X60 Pro is not a standard flagship product in 2021, and not to mention that its core choice is Samsung’s 5nm process chip-Orion 1080. The choice of flash memory is also behind other products launched in the same period. The flagship product can only be regarded as a “quasi” flagship 5G mobile phone. Its advantages are the image part, the appearance value, and the premium brand of Vivo.

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Samsung Galaxy S21+: The choice of the dream?

Speaking of Samsung’s “first shot” at the beginning of the year-Samsung Galaxy S21 series mobile phones, I think these words can roughly be summed up: anxiety, dreams, and change. The anxiety is because Samsung also had to choose to launch a new phone one month earlier than in previous years. After all, the smoke on the market has begun. The dream is because the Samsung Galaxy S21 this time is not perfect, but it is all in the weight and In terms of battery life, a more balanced choice is achieved, and the change is to add a layer of design style to the original matrix design on the rear camera and improve its recognition.


Of course, in the entire Galaxy S21, the S21 Ultra is not slim. The S21 and S21+ can be considered slim. The S21 standard version dominates the flagship series with a bodyweight of 169g and a thickness of 7.9mm. S21+ is recommended because although it has reached the weight of nearly half a catty of 200g, its body thickness is controlled at 7.8mm and it is also equipped with a 4800mAh battery with a larger capacity than Xiaomi Mi 11. This is a proper sense of security. what.

In terms of design, Samsung S21+ claims to have chosen a new design, such as the combination of an integrated all-metal camera housing and the metal frame of the fuselage, but there are few others~ From the design aspect, it is a bit like the “open” sold in hardware stores. “Hinge” design, in short, is highly recognizable!


Its highlights are in addition to the rear camera module with “opening and hinge” design, other hardware parameters are Snapdragon 888+LPDDR5+UFS 3.1 combination, and the aforementioned 4800mAh large battery supplemented by 25W wired fast charging; The image part is front 10 million pixels, rear 12 million pixels wide-angle main camera (F1.8/DP-PDAF) + 12 million ultra-wide-angle lenses (F2.2) + 64 million telephoto lens (F2.0/OIS) Three-camera combination, support 3x hybrid optical zoom, 30x digital zoom, support 8K24, 4K60, 1080p240, 720p960 video recording.

Conclusion: In my opinion, the entire Samsung Galaxy S21+ is compared to its predecessors, except for the core hardware. The biggest change is the design style-the rear matrix camera has a “hardware opening and closing page” with high recognition The design and the large-capacity battery upgraded to 4800mAh, of course, this design also makes it 14g heavier than the previous one (Samsung S20+ body weight is 186g). Would you like this Samsung flagship phone?

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Huawei nova 8 Pro: a balanced selfie choice

As one of the domestic head brands, although Huawei has been “heavily hit”, the update iterations of the Huawei P series and Mate series in 2020 are still full of highlights, of course! Today I recommend a slim phone, so I turned my attention to the Huawei nova 8 Pro phone, which was launched not long ago-this This is a slim product with a body thickness of only 7.85mm and a bodyweight of only 184g. , of course! Its battery capacity is slightly smaller-only 4000mAh.


In addition to the extremely slim body design, the biggest highlight of Huawei nova 8 Pro is its video shooting and self-portrait parts. For example, its front camera chooses a 32-megapixel ultra-wide-angle video lens + 16 million-pixel portrait lens. The dual-camera combination enhances the user’s self-portrait needs from clarity to demand. Also, it has algorithmic and gameplay improvements, including a built-in video ring lighting function, AIS super anti-shake algorithm, and picture-in-picture dual scene recording 2.0


In addition, the rear imaging system of Huawei nova 8 Pro consists of a 64-megapixel main camera + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens + 2-megapixel macro lens. Although the imaging capability is not the strongest, But it belongs to the series that is enough for daily shooting; in terms of hardware, the nova 8 Pro is slight thin-because it chooses the Kirin 985 processor, supplemented by the support of a 4000mAh battery + 66W fast charging, although it is not the top collocation, daily The charging efficiency is also sufficient.

Conclusion: Huawei nova 8 Pro is not the flagship model of the “top-of-the-line” among the products. Its highlights are the same as the theme of this article: slim, high-value appearance, good charging efficiency, and processor It will be very interesting to shoot Vlog videos in the image part that is not the top. The disadvantage lies in the core processor and heavy battery life, but if you like Huawei phones and pay more attention to slimness, it is good.

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OPPO Reno5 Pro: the choice for beautiful selfies

As a series that OPPO has focused on in recent years, although OPPO Reno has fallen into the vicious circle of “machine sea tactics” in recent years, users are a little confused in choosing, but the current Reno series has begun to become a bit mature.


For example, Reno5 Pro is such a product that combines slimness and high value: its body thickness is only 7.6mm, the body weight is only 173g, and it is also equipped with Blingbling’s so-called exclusive design Reno. Glow star diamond craft, at least very popular with girls.


In addition to the slim and high-value highlights of OPPO Reno5 Pro, its charging life is also very good: for the 4350mAh+65W super flash charging, the charging efficiency is beyond the color; the hardware part, Reno5 Pro chooses the MediaTek Skyline 1000+ processor And equipped with a front 3200W water mirror + rear 6400W water light four-shot hardware specifications.

Conclusion: In terms of hardware collocation and focus, it is somewhat similar to the Huawei nova 8 Pro above: they are positioned as slim and high-value products, and they do not pursue the ultimate in hardware performance. They pay attention to the level of selfies and the satisfactory full-scene rear. Image strength. The pricing of Reno5 Pro is quite satisfactory. It has both the sparkling back cover design that girls like, good selfie prowess, and a slim body. Although the hardware performance is not the most extreme, is it enough for girls?

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To sum up:

On the whole, these 5 mobile phones focus on thinness and high appearance, and the hardware level of several of them is already the current TOP product; there are also two products that focus on balanced performance and excellent selfie level. You can follow Choose according to your own needs. If the budget is high, then choose Xiaomi 11 and Samsung S21+ with value and performance; if you pay more attention to top-level images and excellent hardware performance, then Samsung S21+ and Vivo X60 Pro are both good; if the budget is a little lower, and the performance of the phone is not better For extreme needs, then Huawei nova 8 Pro and OPPO Reno5 Pro are worth recommending!