Gaming Products Specially for Lakers’ Fans-Dareu Purple and Gold Set

The Los Angeles Lakers has a huge amount of fans, I believe there are many of them who love to play video games, especially the NBA 2K. Today I would like to recommend this keyboard and mouse set that specially designed for the lakers’ fans.


The Dareu EM87 has a bright color blending, which is  obvious Lakers factor. The keyboard is very arrtactive to the Lakers’ fans.


Especially the Lakers won the championship again after ten years, I believe the fans will be very excited when using this keyboard and mouse. 


In the purple and gold set, the keyboard is a purple and gold version of the A87.A87 is a typical compact design 87 keys mechanical keyboard, the compact shape is more in line with the current trend of minimalism.


The compact mechanical keyboard can not only save us a lot of desktop space, it also frees up more room for the gaming mouse.


The keyboard is not the traditional metal cover suspension keycap, it is  the use of sunken design, so that the input feeling is better.Of course, if you like the operation of the suspension keycap, you can remove the cover.


The supporting mouse A960 is also purple and gold color matching, but is not simply good looking.The biggest feeling is the light weight, which is 65g.


A lot of players feel like that the gaming mouse with counterweight design is professional, it is actually not necessarily so. The weight of the mouse requires more frequency and precision of use of the mouse, the wrist is  easy to get tired.


Dareu A960 gaming mouse uses split keys and hollow roller.The left and right keys feeling is a bright spot of the mouse.


The A960 also attaches great importance to details. 3M wire length, supplemented by ultra-soft net rope, basically eliminates the drag sensation of the mouse, saving effort while reducing weight and making it truly lightweight.