Samsung has launched its Galaxy Buds Pro retro-protective case in the shape of an early Anycall flip phone

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S21 flagship phone at a press event last week, along with the Galaxy Buds Pro, a new generation of truly wireless headphones. Samsung recently launched two retro-themed charging cases in South Korea, according to local media reports. The exterior reprints of two old flip phones, using the design of Anycall T100 and Anycall E700 respectively.600a9b4b9c4b93626.jpg_e680

After the protective case is put on, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro becomes an old-style flip machine in a second. The round shape is very attractive while retaining the element of an external antenna, with a high degree of restoration, which also reminds many users of old memories. The Anycall E700 and Anycall T100 phones were released in 2002 and 2004 respectively. At that time, Samsung sold the phones under the Asia Pacific brand Anycall, and they only changed them to the now-familiar Samsung logo after 2011.


Anycall is the logo of the Samsung mobile phone brand in the early years. Samsung’s launch of the Anycall retro ear case is to commemorate the development of the brand, and also to increase some selling points for Galaxy Buds Pro. The case is only available for a limited time in South Korea.