In-depth reviews of the iPhone 12 Mini

This is the latest iPhone 12 Mini.In addition to the phone, the review package also included an original MagSafe transparent phone case.

Continue the iPhone’s usual packaging design, but the size is much flatter than the last generation;


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Packaging with the phone, data line, manual/card, and card needle, etc.


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We’ve all heard that the new iPhone didn’t come with the charger. However, what some friends don’t know is that the attached data cable has been upgraded from the previous USB-A to Light to USB-C to Light. The 5V1A charger is missing, but the original quick charging cable is added, which is acceptable to me personally.


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The original MagSafe protective shell workmanship is also very fine, without any burr, the protective shell is made of hard material, the shell is also thick, which can play a good impact of resistance effect;


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Two, the ultimate thin appearance design
▼ if selection for my favorite iPhone design, in addition to the first generation of the iPhone to change the world, is the classic iPhone 4/4 s, so the glass before and after return + flat rectangular frame design can close to my heart strong performance, slim and extreme – 12 mini annual flagship iPhone small screen depth profiling, also broke the cell phone design style, in recent years gradually solidified very recognizable.


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iPhone 12 and iPhone12 Mini both have mirror glass backboard. This is my first time using RED iPhone. It gives me a feeling that the overall tone is lighter than the official publicity picture, which looks more comfortable.


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The same color aluminum alloy frame, using the frosted texture process, in line with Apple’s always exquisite workmanship, but also improve the feel when holding.


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The button layout is the same as that of previous iPhones. The left side is for volume and the right side is for power, but the SIM card slot has been moved to the left. It’s worth mentioning that the iPhone 12 Mini is the only one of the four recently released models that only supports a single card, so there is no slot for a second card on the back of the Cato. If you need two cards, please note that.


The thickness of the whole series of iPhone 12 is only 7.4mm, which is the thinnest generation of iPhone in all history. You can see that the 4S, with the same design style, is thinner than the 4S, even with the protruding part of the camera.


At the same time, the body circumference of the iPhone 12 Mini is 131.5×64.2×7.4mm and the phone weight is only 133G. It is also the smallest, lightest, and thinnest 5G smartphone in the world. Even compared with the iPhone4S whose screen size is only 3.5 inches many years ago, it is only a little larger, but the display area of the screen is about 2.38 times that of the 4S.


This slimness is even more noticeable when compared to other models. For example, the iPhone 12 Mini on the right is tiny when compared to the iPhone 8 Plus, which is almost the same size as the current mainstream models.


The iPhone 12 Mini is a big circle smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, and almost the same size as the 8P screen, even with nearly the same display area.


The improvement of the body size in the feel is a qualitative change, which also makes the iPhone 12 Mini one of the few flagship smartphones on the market that can be easily operated with one hand. As you can see from the demo below, I can cover about 85% of the screen with my thumb while holding the phone completely.


After slightly adjusting the holding posture, you can even click to the farthest diagonal position. You can pick up your big phone and have a try
Typing with one hand is easy.


Ladies can also easily hold it in their hands, which gives people a more delicate feeling. Of course, there will be a higher proportion of women in the users of the iPhone 12 Mini.


However, there is also a “disadvantage”, the phone is too small, it is  easy to show the big face.

Three, slightly regrettable screen effect
iPhone 12 series of the whole series of glass back using Apple and Corning company’s latest research and development of the ultra-ceramic crystal plate technology, according to the official test, the fall resistance compared to the previous generation improved by 4 times. The new panel not only makes the phone more crash-resistant but also provides a further improvement in appearance, most notably in thickness. By repositioning the screen’s impact buffer to the inside of the phone, the screen is completely bezel level without any protrusions, and the thickness of the iPhone 11 has been reduced from 8.3mm to 7.4mm, a drop of 0.9mm.


At the same time, there are black edges around the screen. Compared with iPhone11, the top “bangs” and the overall black edges have shrunk to a certain extent. There is no data in this respect, but it is about 0.5mm narrow visually, which also makes the overall screen proportion improved to a certain extent.


The upgrade of the iPhone12 series in the display is one of the biggest points, from the original LCD screen to OLED super retina XDR display, screen resolution has also been improved. The resolution of the iPhone12 Mini is 2340*1080, which is slightly lower than that of the iPhone12/Pro Max. However, due to its smallest size, PPI reaches 476, which is the highest in the whole series. The actual display effect is indeed extremely fine, not to say to the naked eye, even though the camera zoom is not to see the pixels.


The overall effect of the XDR display is also obvious, with rich display details, a larger dynamic range and accurate color performance, OLED screen in contrast advantage is also played to the most incisive.

This screen also supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG video display. HDR videos can be played with better layering and dark details. And when HDR photos and videos are played, the maximum brightness of the screen can be increased to 1200 nits, making the images look more vivid.


The maximum brightness of the screen is 625 nits, the same as that of the iPhone 11. It is slightly lower than the maximum brightness of the iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max 800 nits. However, the screen is completely adequate, even in direct sunlight like the one below.

The most regrettable part of this iPhone 12 is that the whole series is not equipped with a high refresh rate screen. I think this is partly for the balance of the overall design. After all, this generation of iPhone integrates XDR display, multi-band 5G, ultra-thin, and other features. If it is equipped with a high-brush screen, it is bound to affect the battery life of this series. However, in the experience, the top screen performance, the powerful A14 chip, and the always smooth and smooth IOS system did not make me feel much different from the high-swiping screen in daily use, but I could feel a slight lag when I swiped a lot of Weibo, Zhihu and other software.


Four, top configuration
See the iPhone mini 12, before some friends may be associated with the introduction of small-screen model iPhone SE, but in this generation, Apple for the mini of the product positioning and SE series is completely different, not shrink powerful configuration let its clear conscience small screen flagship levels, in addition to just have demonstrated high-quality screen, mainly has the following several aspects:

1. A14 Bionic chip
First, from the core chip, Apple’s A-series chip has been the biggest selling point of the new iPhone. At the same time, its powerful performance is also A strong guarantee that the iPhone can be used continuously for several years without A lag. There is no difference in the chip of the whole iPhone 12 series. Both iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max are equipped with the same Apple’s latest A14 Bionic chip, which also shows the flagship positioning of iPhone 12 Mini.

It has been a while since the first release of the A14 chip, the powerful parameters no longer too much introduction. Let’s take a look at the chip scoring situation directly. Here, we first tested it through Geekbench 5, the famous authority scoring software. The actual scoring results are shown below:

You can see that A14 got a score of 1589 on the single-core, and 3981 on the multi-core. Some people may have no idea about this number, but I have attached the ranking data published by Geekbench.In comparison, the iPhone 12 Mini has a slightly lower score than the No. 1 iPhone 12 Pro due to its memory capacity, but it’s far better than the A13 chip in the iPhone 11 Pro. The latest Android Snapdragon 888 has a better single/multi-core score than the A13, so there’s no question that the A14 is ahead of the Android generation in terms of chips.



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