iFory true wireless Bluetooth earphone: a pretty good choice for gift

I recently saw an iFory wireless Bluetooth headset recommended by a friend, and I was surprised again. The cherry blossom color contrasts with pink and white, both pure and youthful, and it is an unstoppable youthful feeling.


White and pink are both good for girls. This time they are all available at once, and it is easy to distinguish the left and right by the color matching. It is really beautiful and practical.


The sleek and compact egg-shaped charging warehouse is most suitable for being used as EDC every day.


The frosted surface is not only warm and non-slip but also looks very high-end.


The frosted surface is not only warm and non-slip but also looks very high-end.


The key is high wearing comfort, it is very comfortable to plug in the ear, and there is no foreign body sensation, so even if the ear is worn for a long time, it will not swell or hurt.


The connection speed of the earbuds is not bad, and it can basically be connected immediately after taking it out. Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes the connection experience of the iFory true wireless Bluetooth headset better, the connection speed is fast and stable, and the two ears are more synchronized with low latency. iFory is overall balanced and has a thorough high-frequency analysis. The mid-low frequency dive is surging, enough to meet our needs.




The battery life of the iFory true wireless Bluetooth headset is not bad. It can be used for about 5 hours in a single-use, and the charging compartment can be charged 4 times. After this calculation, it is ok to play continuously for one day. Anyway, based on my frequency of use, it is basically three or four days One charge is enough.