Will its pink touch your heart? Motospeed CK82 mechanical keyboard

In fact, pink is not a girl’s patent, because I found that as a man, I have an inner love for pink for some reason. CK82 is my second Motospeed mechanical keyboard, I chose it because of its unique color matching of all pink.


This is a real total pink keyboard with pink keycap, bezel and positioning panel, it is just with a yellow Motospeed logo on the side of the keyboard.


Recently, I have been using a keyboard with 68 keys. Looking back at the 87 key, I feel very friendly. All the keys that are removed with 68 keys are completely retained in the 87 keys.




The surface of the keyboard can be said to be the most flat keyboard I have seen, both sides are equipped with a one-paragraph foot support, more interesting is that the edge of the keyboard will have a black gray tape, I think on the one hand is for the keyboard anti-slip, on the other hand can also reduce the wear of the keyboard back cover.




The button backlighting is also available, although the keyboard supports RGB backlighting, and there are a variety of lighting modes to choose from.




CK82 has a lighting mode specially designed for games. Through FN + number keys, lighting for different games can be realized. It can be said that under the pink and delicate appearance, it has a heart of e-sports.