James Donkey 850R-I guess you will like such a unique mouse

After buying James Donkey’s 619RS keyboard, I felt attracted to this brand that full of magic. The product with the personality of the name and even more unique of the keyboard became the keyboard I use now.Maybe that’s what made me curious about another one of their products, the James Donkey 850R mouse.



The mouse as a whole looks like a piece of the combination, this mouse is a little bit like the eggshell.


The overall appearance of the mouse is slender, light desert yellow under the main color also with a darker yellow and metal texture of the wheel as an ornament.


The mouse is with flow line design, the front in the rear will have a slight protrusion.


There are three additional buttons on the left side, including forward button, backward button and sniper button near the bottom.


The roller is made of metal with good workmanship and good feel.


Common mouse usually has only one scroll wheel, and some, like Logitech’s MX Master, has multiple horizontal scroll wheels, but have you noticed that this mouse can be fitted with three scroll wheels?


By default, one wheel can be used to adjust the volume of the system, and the other wheel can be used to adjust the DPI, which is really full of idea.


James Donkey 850R supports shape adjustment, which can be adjusted by pressing the middle button to adjust the palm of the mouse tail. Such design can really help each user to find a size that is more suitable for their hand feeling. The key design of the mouse is also ergonomic, you can easily touch each button without moving your palm.




After all these years of lightweight mouse design, the James Donkey 850R is also doing well, measuring just over 100g, which I think is just right, not too heavy to handle inaccurately, nor too light to feel soft to use.In addition, the center of gravity of the mouse is also very good, the weight is concentrated in the center of the mouse, making the mouse very comfortable to lift.



All in all, the 850R is a very unique mouse, not only in terms of its eye-catching design, but also in terms of its unique features.