Will Scroll Screen Replace Folding Screen?

If the folding screen phone is an attempt, the scroll screen phone is not only an attempt, but also an exploration of  mobile phone screen technology.Last year, Huawei and Samsung released fold-screen phones, followed by MOTOROLA. More manufacturers, including Xiaomi and LG, will release phones with folding screens this year, according to several industry insiders.


In fact, many manufacturers of folding screen phone patents have been exposed by the media.However, not many manufacturers have entered the field of folding screen phones, and Apple, which takes more than 60% percent of the global mobile phone profits, has not entered this field.Not long ago, OPPO showed off a phone with a scroll screen, while LG announced it will release a phone with a scroll screen this year.

Unlike the folding screen, the scroll screen is more beautiful.As is known to all, there are two forms of folding screen phones at present. One is left-right folding. Mainstream folding screen phones such as Samsung Fold 2 and Huawei Mate X are left-right folding.Another form of folding is up and down, similar to the clamshell phones of the feature phone era, such as the MOTOROLA Razr.In either case, there will be a distinct crease.

In contrast, the scroll phone has no creases, or the creases are hidden.From a purely visual experience point of view, a scroll screen phone is better.In addition, the scroll screen will also be “folded” by default, and the body, like the folding screen phone, will be a little thicker, which will not affect the portability.


Another point is that the scroll screen phone is automatically opened and closed, folding screen phone needs to be manually opened.Obviously, the scroll phone is kind of cool, very similar to the shape-shifting toys in science fiction movies.Overall, scroll phones are more mature than folding ones.The same technology solution that makes the phone bigger, the scroll phone is friendlier.To this end, some netizens said that the scroll screen will replace the folding screen.

Undeniably, compared with the folding screen mobile phone, the scroll screen mobile phone has certain advantages.However, whether the reel screen can replace the folding screen and become a large-scale commercial product, the price is also an important factor.It is well known that the average price of folding screen phones is more than 1500 dollars.Folding screens costing more than 10,000 yuan are too expensive for consumers, as the top-selling phones are priced at around 500 dollars.

In many people’s eyes, the iPhone 12 Pro Max also costs a lot, and many people are rushing to buy it, but that doesn’t mean consumers will pay that much money for a folding screen phone.At present, Huawei and Samsung have launched fold-screen phones, which are not selling much and are still a niche product.As a result, consumers are still very concerned about the price of folding screen phones.


Considering that the scroll screen is not yet in mass production, it may cost more than the folding screen.In principle, the folding screen phone is also a flexible phone with a hinge to achieve folding, while the scroll screen phone is a more accurate component and driven by the motor.According to several supply chain sources, a phone with a scroll screen could cost more than 2300 dollars, more than a phone with a folding screen.

There is also a point that cannot be ignored, whether the folding screen phone, or the scroll screen phone, screen maintenance costs are very high.Take Samsung Fold 2 as an example, a folding screen phone, which costs a lot for screen and back panel repair. You can buy an iPhone 11 with that price.If the screen of the mobile phone with scroll screen is damaged, the repair price may be higher, which is really unaffordable.Therefore,on my view, folding screen phones have not yet become popular due to their high price, and the higher price of the scroll screen to replace folding screen is doomed to fail.