The Mi 11 VS iPhone 12 Pro Max on WiFi Performance, Downloading a 1GB Movie in only 5.3 seconds

The Mi 11 is finally here, and it has a lot of highlights. In addition to snapdragon 888, top class screen and full LPDRR5, the Mi 11 also supports WiFi 6 enhanced version. Lei Jun has introduced the Mi 11 in detail during the conference. Let’s see how powerful it is actually.



The conclusion is that the maximum theoretical rate is as high as 3.5Gbps,  a 1G movie can be downloaded in 5.3 seconds.


The new WiFi 6 has enhanced not just a little bit, which doubles the bandwidth of the previous generation and increases the density of information transmitted by 20%, and ends up being 2.1 times faster, which up to 3.5Gbps, the staggering speed will define the new standard of 2021 WiFi.


Xiaomi Mi 11 compares iPhone 12 Pro Max with the 1GB oversize file download measurement. The fastest measurement takes 5.3 seconds, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max takes 10.2 seconds.


What above is a routine test, we mainly look at the highest speed. Following by a remote speed test, also compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.It’s worth mentioning that this time it’s on Xiaomi’s newly released AX6000 router, which supports the latest WiFi 6E technology.


The testing environment was in Fuzhou Cross-Straits Olympic Sports Center in Fujian province where was chosen to avoid signal occlusion.The network access bandwidth was 800Mbps and the first round was a 53m distance test.The actual performance of Xiaomi Mi 11 was better, reaching 766.15Mbps, and that of  iPhone 12 Pro Max was 408.61Mbps. Obviously, Xiaomi Mi 11 performed better.





Coming into the second round, the distance stretched to 144 meters, and the Mi 11 won again, reaching 659Mbps, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max was 358Mbps, although the signal strength was not disclosed.



When the third round came to 161 meters, the router was located in the center of the stadium, and the two phones were almost at the edge of the stadium. At this time, the test winner was still Xiaomi Mi 11, which reached 511Mbps, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max was 241Mbps. Xiaomi 11 performed even faster than the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a close distance of 53 meters.





At present, AX6000 has been listed open presale, which is cost-effective.