SoundPEATS Sonic wireless Bluetooth headset: sound for light exercise

SoundPEATS focuses on researching the types of music users love during light exercise, and creates Bluetooth headsets suitable for light exercise scenes. Born because of light exercise, they are dedicated to providing a better listening experience for users who like light exercise and pursue a healthy life. What I experienced this time is the cost-effective SoundPEATS Sonic wireless earphone. The innovative design style has a fairly independent recognition. It supports the APTX protocol and Bluetooth 5.2. This affordable earphone is worth starting with.




The overall charging compartment is gray tone. The bottom of the top cover is surrounded by a circle of golden waves. The top of the charging compartment is the logo of SoundPEATS. The matte material has a light matte under the light, and the skin-friendly texture is very comfortable to touch. The back of the charging compartment is the status indicator light and the pluggable C socket line. The charging indicator light is located in the charging box.



When you open the charging box, you will see two wireless earphones with a striking S logo printed on the touch area. The S-shaped logo will glow. The earphone adopts an all-in-ear design. The curved shape design is very firm to wear. The earphone is very light and has no pressure to wear for a long time. It is easy to have an immersive experience when listening to music.


The luminous logo part of the headset is also a button design, which can realize daily operations such as playback and pause, answering, and hanging up. While listening to a song, press and hold the left ear for 1.5 seconds to switch to the previous song, and press and hold the right ear for 1.5 seconds to switch to the next song. Press the right ear button to increase the volume, double-click the left ear button to decrease the volume. Press the right ear three times to activate the Xiaomi mobile voice assistant and press the left ear three times to immediately enter the game mode to further reduce the headset delay.

The earphone has a battery life of 15 hours, and the built-in battery can charge a pair of earphones for 2 additional times. With a charging compartment for a total of 35 hours, it can basically meet our use for a week under normal circumstances, and the charging compartment supports fast charging.



This earphone has a built-in Qualcomm 3040 Bluetooth 5.2 chip. It performs better in terms of latency reduction, transmission capacity improvement, and signal. It also benefits from aptX-Adaptive audio decoding. The technology further improves the transmission bit rate, can restore CD-level sound quality in high-definition, reduces latency, and ensures transmission stability.

SONIC also added the self-developed Monster-Bass low-frequency enhancement technology, which makes the bass performance of earphones more surging and shocking, and the human voice and instrument sound are clearly layered. At the same time, it supports CVC call noise reduction technology, which can sensitively collect call sounds and accurately filter out environmental noise.