Apple Mac selection guide: Three steps to teach you to choose the right Apple Mac for you

1. Mac mini is suitable for use as a home host or even a studio with low performance requirements.

2. The positioning of iMac is similar, basically it is also positioning home host, or studio, office.

3. Mac Pro with stronger performance and more room for expansion is suitable for professional image, music, film and television producers and developers.

4. MacBook is suitable for most people.

Three steps to purchase:

The first step is to determine the size

Unless there are high requirements for performance memory, storage space, and screen size, it is recommended to give priority to 13-inch MacBook (including Air and Pro)

If you consider a MacBook Pro larger than 13 inches, it is recommended to wait. Apple will release new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros from September to November this year.

The second step is to choose the processor (intel or M1)

M1 advantages: high cost performance, strong performance, basically the same as the current 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro; you can use the software on the iPhone; the software adaptation problem is gradually solved, and the M1 is generally given priority.

The third step is to choose the model (Air or Pro)

MacBook Air with M1 chip can be said to be the most cost-effective Mac product.

Because the difference between the two lies in the brightness of the screen, speakers and microphones, with or without a fan, Touch Bar, battery life, and weight.

If the budget is limited, choose Air directly. On the contrary, if you need to edit high-quality videos and have high requirements for computer heat dissipation, you can choose Pro.

Accessories selection

The docking station is necessary, but a poor quality docking station may not only affect the data transmission, but may also have the risk of burning the motherboard.

Try to choose Apple’s official accessories or official cooperation brands, such as Satechi whose product design style is similar to that of Apple.

The stand is essential if you need to use your MacBook for a long time. Recommend Apple’s official cooperation brand Twelve South Curve aluminum alloy bracket.

It has an advanced and simple design and a stable structure. The ergonomic design lifts the MacBook to an appropriate angle, which can accelerate air circulation and improve heat dissipation efficiency.