How to choose a suitable ipad for you ?! Here is the guide !

Although the hardware configuration of many Android tablets is very high, and the price is also advantageous compared to the iPad Pro, some brands also provide additional keyboards, which are also promoted as productivity tools in publicity. But in terms of APP richness and adaptability, the iPad has been completely crushed. I don’t want to lead the battle here, just look at the sales volume of the tablet market, iPad has been far ahead, there are really only two types of tablets, iPad and others~

In addition, the iPad has a very long service life. In 2020, many people are still using the iPad mini2, which cannot be achieved by other tablet products.

volume and weight
There is no doubt that the volume and weight of the iPad mini5 is the lightest among the five iPads. With a weight of 300.5g and a slim body, you can hold it in one hand; even if your pocket is slightly larger, you can put it in the pocket.

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The iPad 2019 and iPad Air3 are evenly matched with the weight of 483g and 456g respectively. It is not impossible to hold it with one hand, but most of the time it is definitely comfortable to hold it with both hands;

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Let’s look at two iPad Pros. The 11-inch weight is only 473g, which is even lighter than the iPad2019;


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The 12.9-inch one reaches 641g, which is more than a pound, not to mention that it is too heavy to hold both hands. Supporting on a flat surface is the perfect way to use it;


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In addition, because the iPad pro adopts a full-screen design, although the 11-inch screen will be larger than the 10.2-inch iPad and the 10.5-inch iPad Air, the 11-inch size is more dominant, except that the width will be 4mm wider. , IPad Pro 11 inches will be smaller in terms of length and thickness.

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In terms of thickness, Pro is 5.9mm and AIR3 is 6.1mm, both of which are very slim, and the difference is not very big; while the thickness of iPad 2019 7.5mm is a bit thicker and feels slightly worse.


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Screen comparison

Let’s first compare the screen size. From left to right are the 6.1-inch iPhone 11, the 7.9-inch iPad mini 5, the 10.2-inch iPad 2019, the 10.5-inch iPad air3, and the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad pro.


Although the screens of mobile phones are often more than 6 inches, but compared to the 7.9 inches of the iPad mini5, it will still be bigger. This size is equivalent to a book;


The larger the screen is, the better, the 10.2, 10.5 and 11 inches are actually not very different. I don’t dare to be more shocked if it is 12.9 inches, and it is close to the effect of a laptop;


Brightness and resolution

All five tablets use LCD screens. Except for the two pro models with a brightness of 600 nits, the rest of the products are all 500 nits. Maybe the picture difference is not very obvious, but you can clearly see that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be brighter than the 11-inch?


In terms of resolution, although the larger the size, the resolution will also increase, but the iPad mini has a smaller screen size, reaching 326ppi, while other models are unified at 264ppi, which also makes the iPad mini5 a fine screen for the entire iPad product line. The product with the highest degree. Of course, it is not so easy to observe with the naked eye, we can compare by zooming in on the details.


Refresh rate

The PROMOTION adaptive refresh rate technology is used on both iPad pros. Simply put, the screen refresh rate is 120HZ. Recently, many mobile phones on the market have adopted high refresh rates. The iPad pro is due to its smooth animation and larger screen, the effect of high refresh rate on the big screen is greater than that of other products. Here you can see the difference between 60HZ and 120HZ through slow motion.


The two iPad pros use the A13Z processor, the most powerful mobile processor on the surface. The iPad mini5 and iPad Air3 both use the flagship A12 of the previous year. Only the iPad 2019 still uses the same A10 processor as the iPhone X. The running score is shown in the figure. The latest iPad Pro 12.9-inch has a running score of 73w, which is twice as high as the 24w iPad 2019 24w.



The iPad MINI and Air equipped with the A12 chip are products from last year, but the performance is still strong from the current point of view, and the game will run at full image quality without any lag. In the previous time, after a long time of gaming, the camera will automatically reduce the frequency due to the hot body, and the screen will become dark; but the host did not happen in this test, even if the temperature of the body reached about 43 degrees, there was no frequency reduction. The frame rate may be that the new version has modified the frequency reduction strategy.

It is necessary to say here that a parameter that Apple has never announced is the memory size. Now Android phones start with 8G and the high-end version is 12G. The poor iPad even Pro has only 6G storage, while mini5 and Air3 and iPad2019, only 3G storage is available. Here, through the test, use iPad Pro to directly open Peace Elite, King of Glory, Hearthstone and a variety of applications.

The wider memory of the iPad Pro obviously can open more applications at the same time, and will not reload during the switching process; but in fact, even the other iPads with 3G storage are still sufficient after opening multiple games.


iPad OS
In my opinion, the surprises brought about by the hardware update of the iPad product line in the past two years are far less than the software update. It was only after the official release of the iPad OS last year that the power of the iPad began to show its strength, and the very kind is the iPad. The OS can still support older devices such as iPad mini4 and Air2 that use A8 processors. At present, these iPads on hand can be perfectly supported. Let’s take a look at the similarities of several iPads on the system. Here the host just briefly describes the functions and will show them through actual scene cases later.


Support keyboard and mouse

With the release of the iPad Pro and the exclusive Magic Keyboard, everyone said that the iPad Pro can finally become a productivity tool. Obviously Apple has not restricted the software. Whether it is a mini or an Air, as long as it is an iPad OS system, it can be connected to a Bluetooth keyboard. .

And if you use the Magic Control Board to pair and connect, some of the gesture operations in the Mac OS system are also synchronized, and the mouse and keyboard control is still placed below to expand.



Apple’s Safari browser has always been simple, light and easy to use, but in the past it was only on Mac OS. Now the iPad OS is fully transplanted to the desktop version of the Safari browser. With the keyboard and mouse, you can really browse the web like a laptop, and the effect is better if it is an iPad Pro.


Apple actually added a 1000w pixel ultra-wide-angle camera to the iPad Pro, which can indeed shoot wider scenery.


iPad Pro uses a type c interface

I don’t know if lightning, which has remained unchanged for many years, will be abandoned in the iPhone 12. Anyway, it is gratifying that the iPad Pro uses a type c interface. In fact, it is not because type c can be blind inserted positively or negatively, because lightning can also be used.

The more reason is that many digital products have adopted the type c interface or data cable. Through the type c interface, I can easily insert the external storage device into the iPad Pro to import the files, such as the photos taken by the host using the Sony A7R3 in the past. All of them need to be transferred to the iPad via WiFi, and the speed is abnormally slow. Now it can be quickly imported through the C TO C data cable and copied and pasted through the file management function;