Apple stops iOS 14.3 verification and encourages users to update

For Apple, after the official version of iOS 14.4 is released, the verification of the previous version will be stopped. They also played this way before to encourage users to update.

Judging from the current situation, Apple has stopped verifying iOS 14.3, which means that if you have already upgraded, you cannot downgrade from iOS 14.4 to iOS 14.3.

Last week, Apple’s iOS 14.4 was a big blow to the unofficial third-party after-sales service of the iPhone.

When the consumer repairs the camera with parts that have not been officially verified, the system will pop up a warning to the iPhone 12 user that “failed to verify whether the machine has a genuine Apple camera. At the same time, Apple shared a supporting document, which emphasizes the importance of repairs and the use of original Apple parts.

In order to discourage consumers from using iPhone camera accessories from non-“genuine” sources and seeking help from unofficially authorized maintenance personnel, Apple also listed possible unexpected situations in the document, such as malfunctions, image quality, and even security issues (For example, the scattered parts left behind may cause damage to the battery).