Apple suddenly launched AirPods Max, it is likely to be a failure product

Apple suddenly released a new generation of earphones, AirPods Max, which is an active noise reduction headset that uses the Apple H1 chip and uses computer audio technology to reduce noise.


But the price of AirPods Max is not cheap, , still very Apple. In other words, the headphone market has declined severely in recent years, which has a certain relationship with the AirPods generation, second generation and third generation, which has changed the headphone market pattern. Does Apple’s AirPods Max bring headphones back to the headphone market, or does it compete with its own AirPods Pro? Currently unknown.

However, what we can know is that in a few days, there will be many pretty boys and girls wearing headsets that look exactly like AirPods Max in the streets and alleys! If you don’t believe it, we’ll know in two days.

The color of this headset is quite rich this time, five colors. Space gray, silver, green, pink, sky blue, the overall design looks quite fashionable, and it is also young, it should be sought after by some young people.


The design of the earphone bracket is relatively new. The stainless steel frame is filled with nylon mesh, which reduces the weight of the earphone and also reduces the pressure on the head. According to Apple’s comfortable design, it should be much more comfortable to wear.


The earphone shell is made of anodized aluminum metal, which is the fundamental reason why Apple’s AirPods Max can be designed in multiple colors. Anodized aluminum not only ensures the excellent metallic texture, but also the durability of the spray paint, that is, the paint is not easy to fall off and is not easy to wear and black.


The biggest factor in the development of idle Bluetooth headsets is battery life, and when AirPods Max turns on active noise reduction and spatial audio functions, the time for listening to music, watching videos and making calls can be up to 20 hours, and is equipped with a fast charging function. You can listen to music for 1.5 hours after charging for five minutes. It is worth mentioning that the charging port of the headset uses a lighting charging port, and it is still not equipped with a charger. Is it still for environmental protection?


The headset is connected, I think the bright spot is quite big. Because the connection speed and stability of Bluetooth headsets have always been a common problem of Bluetooth headsets. AirPods Max can quickly connect with iPhone or iPad. When pairing, just bring AirPods Max close to the device, and then tap “Connect” on the screen to easily connect, and AirPods Max can smoothly switch audio between iPhone, iPad and Mac. For example, you are using Mac to play music. If you want to use your iPhone to answer the phone, AirPods Max can automatically switch it over for you. This experience is very good, but the specifics are only known after getting the physical experience.


In addition, in terms of interaction, AirPods Max also does a good job of interaction, whether it is a single headset or multiple devices. For example, two pairs of AirPods Max can easily share the audio content on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Just pick up AirPods Max close to the device you want to listen to, and then tap the connection to achieve music. It is also equipped with head-mounted detection, information broadcast and Siri.

From the official introduction, this headset seems pretty good, but the price of a Lenovo $549 is prohibitive. It is very likely that this price has also become the biggest obstacle to the best-selling of AirPods Max. After all, not everyone is willing to spend $549 to buy a headset.


It is estimated that at this moment, many people will take a look at the AirPods Pro in their hands, and instantly feel that AirPods Pro is still very fragrant! Of course, we can’t underestimate the strong purchasing power of fruit fans. Finally, please use your own consumption capacity rationally.

About this product, make a final summary.

1: Not in stock, now it has been queued for three months.

2: The price is very expensive, and it is not recommended for ordinary people to buy it.

3: Not recommended for non-iPhone users.

4: The specific performance can only be known after three months.